Yang Guifei sexy underwear atlas

Yang Guifei sexy underwear atlas

1. Introduction to Yang Guifei sexy underwear

Yang Guifei, a beautiful woman who has been circulating for thousands of years in the Northern Song Dynasty, not only has outstanding talents, but also has a stunning figure and beautiful face.Therefore, Yang Guifei has also become the source of inspiration for many sexy underwear brands.

2. Impression Yang Guifei sexy underwear series

The impression that Yang Guifei series takes Yang Guifei’s legendary story as the background, creating a variety of styles such as noble gorgeous, soft, noble, charming and charming, so that women can feel Yang Guifei’s elegant generation when wearing.

3. Red sleeve love Yang Guifei sexy underwear series

The red -sleeved love Yang Guifei series is inspired by the classical atmosphere of Yang Guifei and the oriental culture of the beauty of the Tang Dynasty. It integrates modern fashion elements and noble temperament, creating a unique beauty underwear.

4. Emimani Yang Guifei Sexy Underwear Series

Emimani’s Yang Guifei sexy underwear series pays more attention to details and design sense. It is decorated with elegant color tones and gorgeous fabrics to create a very retro classical beauty.

5. Three Sisters Sexy Underwear Yang Guifei Series

The Yang Guifei series of the three sisters sex underwear focuses on sexy, amazing and luxurious. It uses some diamonds, embroidery, lace and other elements to emphasize the curve and sexy of women’s bodies.


The Huaixiu Empire Yang Guifei series is also designed with the ancient Tang Palace as the background.The design is made of lace, satin, etc. that fuse the oriental tradition and modern popular elements.

7. Daphne Yang Guifei Sexy Underwear Series

The Daphne Yang Guifei series is the focus of personality and freedom, respecting women’s more confident charm.The design style is unique, mainly based on natural flowers, special effects lace, beads and other elements.

8. Princess Peach Princess Yang Guifei Sexy Lingerie Series

Princess Peach’s Princess Yang Guifei Fun underwear series focuses on cuteness and romance, and the design comfort is excellent. Under the creation of professional underwearists, she pays more attention to details and craftsmanship.

9. Summary

Interest underwear is a very personal dress that allows women to feel free, confident and beautiful self.Yang Guifei’s sexy lingerie series is inspired by Yang Guifei’s noble, beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous, creating a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, allowing women to show their most beautiful side from different sides when wearing.

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