Xiao September September sex lingerie picture Daquan

Xiao September September sex lingerie picture Daquan

September is a brand that focuses on sexy underwear. Its design style is mainly sexy, fashionable, and avant -garde, and is loved by young people.The following is the latest sexy underwear series launched by September, allowing you to experience different sexy charm.

1. Red color love underwear suit

This red love underwear suit uses high -quality silk fabrics, with good comfort and strong wrapping.The design is simple and atmospheric, and the body lines are fitted, showing the unique figure curve of women.In addition, the details of the clothing are very delicate, which can make you show an extremely beautiful temperament.

2. Black lace sexy underwear

Black lace sexy underwear is a classic style, delicate fabrics and complex craftsmanship make it a representative of quality assurance.The nude basewear makes the whole style more sexy and will not look monotonous.At the same time, the design of the back has a high sense of fashion, adding the charm bonus points to you.

3. Maid dress sexy underwear

In Japan, maid costumes are regarded as a symbol of fashion culture, and Xiao September also launched maid outfits in their products in September.A maid costume, the appearance needs to be exquisite, slender, finely wrinkled and exquisite waist design, can better show the maid’s temperament characteristics of the clothing, smart and aura.

4. Lace three -point sex lingerie set

The lace three -point erotic underwear suit is composed of upper, lower clothes and T -pants. The transparent and retro fabrics are mixed with fashionable design elements.In particular, the lace design of the chest has worked hard on discovering the overall charm of women, so that you will emit you unique sexy temperament.

5. Pink sexy pajamas

As part of the sexy underwear, Xiao September also launched a attractive erotic pajamas.This pink -colored and sexual pajamas design is very suitable for women to enjoy a warm and romantic atmosphere at home, and it is very naked and can be worn at any time.

6. Flower Tube Fun Plasma

Hosk -pipe sex lingerie is the style just launched in September in September. It is designed as the main body, plus exquisite jewelry decoration.In addition, the full style is transparent, making women jump into the highest state of sexy underwear, and fully shows the nobleness and charm of modern women.

7. White erotic underwear suit

The white sex lingerie set is a sexy underwear that shows girly temperament. It is simple but not simple, and is known for its fresh and graceful temperament.In addition to the white underwear, there is also the design of the silk fabrics that are popular with consumers to cover the lingerie, making you show a good stereotype.

8. Net red sexy underwear suit

In recent years, the popular "net red sexy underwear" has also occupied a place on the product online of September.This special design is combined with the street trend elements in recent years. It has a fashionable avant -garde, sharp and artistic sense.It is calm and energetic. Wearing such underwear suits can also be exquisite and trendy in daily wear.

9. Sexy breasts and fun underwear suits

This sexy breasts and sexy underwear suit are gorgeous, giving a high sense of fashion, and it is also the sexy underwear in the minds of many young women.The embellishment of the details cannot be ignored. Coupled with the lace decoration and the design of the deep V, it adds infinite charm to you.

10. Flower erotic lingerie set

Flower erotic lingerie set is a moderate and cute sexy underwear produced by Xiao September. The clean colors are matched with light and messy textures, and exquisite details are handled, so that you have a distinctive temperament and different kinds of different kinds of body.Sexy charm.


In general, September has been providing consumers with very high -quality sexy underwear. The design and quality of these underwear are well received.From pink pajamas to sexy breasts and sexy underwear suits, from maid dressing sexy underwear to floral sex lingerie set, Xiao September has a variety of choices, and each style has its own unique charm, which can satisfy different womenVarious needs and imagination.I hope this article can bring you some inspiration, so that you will get a pleasant experience in sexy fashion and comfortable underwear.

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