Women’s sexy underwear c cup map

Women’s sexy underwear c cup map

For sexy and fashionable women’s supplies, the style of the C cup has been welcomed by many women due to its moderate size and plump shaping effect.Here, let’s discuss how the sexy lingerie style of the C cup is more elegant and charming.

1. What is a cup?

C cup refers to a bray cup type with a difference between the size of the breast and the size of the bust.Generally speaking, the C cup is often regarded as the medium level of the size of the breast. Not only will it not appear too small or too large, but it can also shape the sexy curve of women.

2. Cup cup sexy underwear options

When choosing the sex underwear of the C cup, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

① Select the correct size: Make sure that the underwear will not be too tight or too loose, and the breasts should feel natural and comfortable in the underwear.

② style choice: Different styles are suitable for different occasions. You need to make a deep understanding of your own needs and preferences to determine the most suitable style for you.

③ The choice of material: The softness and elasticity of the fabric are very important. It can not only make the wearer more comfortable, but also increase the life of sexy underwear.

3. Cup cup sexy underwear types

There are many styles of the C -cover erotic underwear. Each style has its unique charm and applicable occasions. The following are several common types:

① Lace erotic underwear: The lace feels soft and elegant. The lace sexy underwear of the C cup looks particularly charming and is a sexy and stylish choice at night.

② No trace of sexy underwear: No trace sexy underwear means no scorching, not squeezing the chest, effectively avoiding the chest deformation, making the C -cup underwear more beautiful lines.

③ Flat -angle sexy underwear: flat -angle underwear is more practical, mainly to improve sexy, fashionable, and styling. It can be easily matched in daily use.

④ Silk erotic underwear: The elegant and light silk brings a different atmosphere to the C -cup erotic underwear. The sense of luxury makes the wearer particularly charming.

4. Cup cup sex underwear matching suggestions

In order to make the underwear more harmonious, and at the same time, the underwear fully shows sexy and fashionable outfits. The following suggestions are recommended for reference:

① Try to match the same color tab or coat to highlight the beauty of the lines of the C cup.

② Try to avoid too tight tops, so as not to be uncomfortable or tear up sexy underwear.

③ Choose different sexy underwear according to different occasions, which can not only further express their aesthetics, but also more suitable for people who participate in the occasion.

5. Cup cup sex underwear maintenance method

In order to make the sexy underwear of the C cup more durable, the following suggestions are recommended for reference:

① Use hand washing method instead of computer washing.

② Do not wash with chlorine bleach or non -colored bleach.

③ Do not use a washing machine to dry to avoid destroying the elasticity of the material.


The main advantage of choosing C cup sexy underwear is that it can perfectly show women’s posture and lines. At the same time, the appropriate C cup sexy lingerie can be worn on the body, which can enhance women’s self -confidence and charm.Relatively speaking, the underwear of the C cup is easy to deform, and the wearer needs to adjust the underwear regularly to prevent the chest shape from deforming.

7. Classic C cup sexy underwear hot sales style

The classic hot -selling styles of the C -coveted lingerie of the cup is diverse, but the following underwear is more classic to help the wearer show the charm perfectly:

① Lace transparent thin models: The details are exquisite. Although they rarely show a large amount of skin, it shows a subtle and enthusiastic.

② Failure -type lace underwear: It is more convenient, allowing you to quickly participate in any occasion, and you can further shape the perfect body of women.

③ Lace Deep V underwear: The design of the deep V design is brighter, and it shows the beauty of the lines of the C cup.

8. Cup cup sex underwear selection skills

How to choose a cup quotation underwear that suits you, the following techniques are recommended for reference:

① Try to choose soft, elastic materials, and consider the breathability and sexuality after wearing.

② Make good use of this link, carefully observe the color and gloss of the underwear, and consider whether it is suitable for its skin color or adding the coordination with the theme.

③ Considering whether the price is reasonable, we must also pay attention to the performance, structure, and quality of the underwear to ensure that your shopping decisions can bring a satisfactory experience for yourself.

9. Cup cup sex lingerie fashion matching

C -cup messy underwear can not only be used as a private fashion choice, but also can be used to match with fashion to show a more fashionable and sexy beauty.It should be noted that when matching fashion and underwear, we must focus on showing the beauty, curve, and chest plump of the C -cup.

10. Summary

C -cover erotic underwear not only allows women to show their lines simple and charmingly, but also allows women to further shape their own characteristics and aesthetics through diverse styles and accessories.It is hoped that this article can provide more exciting and specific suggestions and guidance for female consumers.

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