Women in their 40s still wear sexy underwear

Why do women in their 40s wear sexy underwear

Sex underwear originated from Western culture. It was originally designed to increase sexual pleasure, but nowadays, sex underwear has become one of the clothing widely recognized by the fashion industry, bringing fresh feelings to middle -aged women.

boost self-confidence

Wearing erotic underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence, especially for women in their 40s, showing their figure curves through sexy underwear can make them feel still attractive.

Keep it feel novel

Over time, conventional underwear will make women feel tedious or boring. Wearing erotic underwear can keep them a novel feeling and re -ignite passion.

Strengthen the relationship between husband and wife

Wearing sex underwear can inject a new vitality and excitement for the sexual life between husband and wife, deepen emotion, enhance positive emotional guidance, and help maintain the relationship between husband and wife.

Improve gender attraction

Wearing erotic underwear can increase gender attraction for women, and the improvement of sexual attractiveness is also a key element of maintaining lasting and stable sexual life.

Strengthen sexual desire motivation

Sex underwear can cause women’s sexual desire motivation. Wearing sex underwear can evoke the passionate fires deep in women, making the sex between husband and wife more intense.

relieve pressure

Wearing a sexy underwear is a way of guiding pressure for women. It can release the tension of women’s bodies and make the mood more comfortable.

Regulate endocrine

Women’s endocrine function will gradually decrease when they are in their 40s. Wearing erotic underwear can promote women’s endocrine balance and help women maintain a healthy and mental state balance.

improve the quality of life

Wearing sex underwear has brought new sexual psychological experience, helps improve the quality of life, allows women to stay away from the conventional lifestyle, and inject more energy into the mental state.


Under the influence of the economic level and cultural atmosphere, wearing erotic underwear is no longer limited to young people. Women in their 40s will also wear sexy underwear to experience more fresh feelings, enhance self -confidence, regulate physical and mental needs, meet real needsEssence

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