Winter sex lingerie map

Winter sex lingerie map

1. Winter sexy underwear

As the temperature decreases, the choice of sexy underwear in winter should also change.It is best to choose a material that is more warm and comfortable, such as silk, wool and cotton.In addition, color choices should also be biased towards warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow, etc. This not only has a warm feeling, but also creates a romantic atmosphere.

2. Long -sleeved sexy underwear

If you want to keep sexy in winter and don’t want to freeze yourself, then long -sleeved sexy underwear is a good choice.This sexy underwear can not only maintain the warmth of the body, but also show your curve beauty and sexy beauty. It is the first choice for many women in winter.

3. Thickening and sexy underwear

Compared with ordinary erotic underwear, the material of the thick sex lingerie is thicker, and it has the effect of isolation of the cold, and it is more suitable for winter temperature.In addition to more warmth, the design of thick sexy underwear is also more creative, such as adding hair accessories to the chest or hip to increase the cute atmosphere.

4. down sexy underwear

Plel sexy underwear is a very good choice, because its material can prevent cold and warmth.At the same time, the down sexy underwear is also very light, which is very suitable for outdoor activities such as skiing.Although the price may be more expensive, this sexy lingerie is worth investing.

5. Pure cotton sexy underwear

Pure cotton sexy underwear can not only keep you warm, but also make your skin breathable and make your body more comfortable.Moreover, pure cotton erotic underwear is easier to clean, so don’t worry about the problem of deformation or ball from the material.

6. Short -sleeved erotic underwear with trousers

Short -sleeved erotic underwear with trousers is a common way of matching.Short -sleeved erotic underwear allows you to exercise more freely, while trousers can keep your legs warm.Of course, if your sexy underwear is thick, you can also choose a skirt with socks.

7. It looks like ordinary sexy underwear

In winter, you do not necessarily need to choose a very complicated and gorgeous sexy underwear. Sometimes those seemingly ordinary sexy underwear are more comfortable.Choose a simple design and add some small accessories, which is very suitable for wearing in winter.

8. Beautiful legs protecting hot buds stockings

In addition to choosing the right erotic underwear, the beautiful legs protect the hot buds.This sock not only keeps the legs warm, but also increases the temperament and charm of women.Moreover, unlike traditional pantyhose, beautiful legs protective hot buds of the legs use light, breathable and comfortable fabrics.

9. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Although the sexual underwear in winter needs to consider the warmth, it should also meet your personal style and taste.For women who love lightness, you can choose lace sexy underwear, and for women who like simple and elegant, you can choose nude style.

10. The theme color of winter sex lingerie

The theme tones of winter sex underwear are usually warm tones, such as brown, orange, red and black.These colors can not only express warmth and sexy, but also very suitable for the atmosphere of winter.

in conclusion:

When choosing winter erotic underwear, you should consider warmth and comfort, choose the appropriate material and style, and also conform to your personal taste and style.In winter, let your sexy lingerie emit a warm and sexy charm, and enjoy the romantic winter with your lover.

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