Wild dating erotic underwear video


Sexy underwear is a sharp weapon when many couples date, and dating in the wild is a necessity for love sparks.In this article, we will introduce the skills and precautions for choosing sexy underwear in the field of dating in the wild.

Consider the wild environment

The environment and climate of the field of dating need to be considered. For example, if it is a picnic, girls can choose a light and breathable sexy underwear, and boys should also choose lightweight clothing to avoid too much burden.If it is a wild environment such as mountain forests and water edges, a loose and comfortable sexy lingerie is needed to be equipped with mosquito -resistant clothing.

Color choice

Under normal circumstances, the colors of dating in the wild are pale, such as pink, light purple, etc. These colors will make girls more cute and easier to make boys feel more.But if you want to ignite passion, dark sexy underwear is also a good choice.

Material selection

In the wild environment, it is very important to choose the breathable and comfortable sexy underwear, so as to better enjoy the fun of the field of dating.Cotton and linen materials are good choices.

Style choice

In the field of dating, it is best to choose less gorgeous sexy underwear, such as simple briefs, flat bras, etc., so as to be more in line with the environmental atmosphere and easier.

Underwear suitable for field sports

If the activities of dating in the wild are rich in content, such as mountain climbing, fishing, camping, etc., the sexy lingerie style suitable for these activities requires a certain degree of sports support, with a certain sense of restraint, and avoiding the lingerie or other discomfort during exercise.

Skills with clothing

In the field of dating in the wild, the matching clothing of sexy underwear is also very important.Girls can choose shower shoes, thick -soled sneakers with sexy underwear, which is lighter and smart.Boys can choose sports shoes and casual pants to look healthy and sunshine.

Wild taking pictures posture skills

Dating in the wild must be taken to take pictures.So how to take a sneer wild sexy underwear photo?Girls can choose to sit in the flowers and lying on the beach with a romantic pose to show sexy underwear. Boys can choose to stand behind the girl to make a hug.


It is normal to perform a small sexy performance or a sexy underwear show in the wild, but the sexy underwear with sweat or dirt will break the romantic atmosphere.Therefore, you must pay attention to cleaning and disinfection before dating in the wild to ensure the refreshing and cleanliness of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

The above is some techniques and precautions for selecting sexual love underwear in the field of dating.As long as you can choose the right sexy underwear according to the environment, climate and other factors, and with the proper clothing, you can make the sexy underwear a necessity in the date, push the sweet and romantic atmosphere to the climax.

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