Wife’s sexy underwear photos

Wife’s sexy underwear photos

Interesting underwear is a special underwear designed to add fun and sexy.My wife recently sent me some photos of her own sexy underwear, which asked me to choose a few sets.After watching these photos, I learned about some related sexy underwear knowledge, and I will share with you below.

Open pants

Open pants are a special design of sexy underwear. The main feature is the opening of the lower crotch.This underwear can not only satisfy the other half of the special sex taste, but also facilitate sexual activities.In the photos sent by his wife, there is a set of black bright leather -made open pants, plus a net clothes socks, which is very sexy.In my opinion, this set of interesting underwear is suitable for couples who need to be many times in the orgasm of sex.


Stroke type is a sexy underwear that can adjust the size by tied the size, which can also meet the demand for sex.There is a white lace strap -style underwear sent by the photos sent by his wife. It is designed with many regulatory band buckles from the upper chest to the abdomen. It can be adjusted properly according to the body and perfectly present the curve.This underwear is very suitable for women with plump figures. It makes women more confident and beautiful.


The suspender type is a beautiful and sexy sexy underwear, which is characterized by thin or thin bands on the shoulders, which can adjust the length.The suspender -style erotic underwear will make the back of the woman more sexy and beautiful, and it is easier to evoke each other’s sexual desire when one -night stand or loves each other after marriage.There is a purple suspender underwear in the photos sent by his wife, with black lace triangle, showing her figure to the fullest.

Half -cup

The half -cup type is an underwear cup cover only covering a certain part of the sexy underwear.It is suitable for women with small breasts, which can make women’s bodies thinner and more charming.In the photos sent by his wife, there is a set of black -skinned half -cup -grade underwear, with black net socks and black high -heeled shoes, which looks more sexy and charming.

Open file

Open -file erotic underwear is a "opening" that has been fully constructed in important parts, and the crotch has been designed to be lyrical.There is a yellow opening underwear in the photos sent by his wife, and it is also a pajamas.Its appearance is very similar to a transparent robe, very light and comfortable, and it is very suitable for wearing before or behind sex.


Lace -style sexy underwear is a very elegant and feminine sexy underwear. It can be designed through lace and lace to add a feminine feeling.What are the pursuit of elegant women in lace -style sexy underwear, emphasizing the tenderness of fingertips and no excessive curves.There is a white lace -style sexy underwear in the photos sent by his wife, leaving me a fresh, natural and comfortable impression.


The hollow type is a very stunning sexy underwear. It is characterized by a deep hollow design in a part of the underwear or panties, just like the pressed record, which is very eye -catching.There is a black hollow -out sexy underwear sent by the photos sent by his wife. It looks very sexy and can set off the female body curve well.This erotic underwear is more applicable for those who like to improve their strength with their partners.


Conjusational type is a kind of sexy underwear that is connected to the lower part. It can not only modify the figure, but also cover these parts that do not want others to see, and its visual effects are also very good.There is a set of black conjoined sexy underwear in the photos sent by his wife. This underwear is suitable for women who want to show all parts of women.


The vest sexy underwear is a cute, affectionate sexy underwear, and the kind of underwear that does not feel like wearing it into erotic life.The vest sexy underwear allows you to refer to our normal underwear when you are relaxed.There is a pink vest sexy underwear in the photos sent by his wife. I like this color very much. It is very young and very vivid.

One -shoulder

One -shoulder erotic underwear design is unique, fashionable, very sexy, and its shoulder design is different. It is a manifestation of the fashionable scripture.There is a black -shoulder sexy underwear in the photos sent by his wife. It is very sexy and very charming. This underwear is more suitable for women who are more confident in their figure.


Interest underwear can not only regulate the erotic atmosphere, but also increase the erotic color and play a role in sex activities.It is also a beautiful element for women. At the appropriate time, it shows its female charm through the current popular sexy underwear.

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