Wife wears a sexy underwear photo

Wife wears a sexy underwear photo

A man inadvertently opened the female mobile album of a woman, and unexpectedly found a photo of his wife wearing sexy lingerie, making him feel unexpected and excited.For men, this is an impulsive impulse and desire.However, when your wife starts to wear sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following matters.

1. Why does my wife start wearing a sexy underwear?

After a period of time in marriage, many people think that marriage becomes monotonous and boring, and it is difficult to create enthusiasm and romance. Therefore, one way is to wear fun underwear to inspire sexual desire and enthusiasm.At the same time, she also hopes to become the goddess in your heart again.

2. Confirm your attitude

When your wife decides to put on a sexy underwear, you must be clear about your attitude.Do you like this or not.If you like it, then you need to consider whether to let her wear underwear alone or wear in public at night.If you don’t like it, then you can gradually tell her your thoughts.

3. Where to buy sexy underwear

If you decide to let your wife wear a sexy underwear, then you need to help her buy.There are many stores selling adult products, but you need to buy in popular sales stores instead of entering too special adult products stores.It is important to keep low -key.

4. Selection of size

Proper size is very important.There are many different styles and sizes in sex underwear.The choice of size not only affects the appearance, but also affects comfort.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must match the size of fit.

5. Correct cleaning method

When washing in sex underwear, you need to add soap or other washing liquid juice and place them under warm water.Washing of sexy underwear with a washing machine will damage its details.In addition, drying in the sun should avoid excessive fading due to excessive sunlight. It is recommended to dry in the indoor ventilation.

6. How to wear

The process of wearing a sexy underwear: clean body → modify the body → apply perfume or beard of body → wear sexy underwear → start intimate contact and sex games.

7. How to enjoy the fun of sexy underwear

By wearing sexy lingerie, you and your wife can enjoy more sex games.At the same time, you can also get rid of the fatigue and pressure in daily life and find a new sexual experience.Try new sexual positions and methods, and slowly explore and discover the preferences for each other.

8. Communication and exchanges between the two parties

The pleasure and enjoyment of sexual underwear also requires the efforts of both parties.After wearing a sexy underwear, you and your partner need more communication and communication, which can make your relationship closer, trust and sex more pleasant.Through multiple attempts and adjustments, you can find the best sex scene and method.


Interest underwear itself does not bring any misleading and negative effects. Only when it is humane can it have the best effect.As long as you listen and understand each other with your wife, explore and discover each other, wearing sexy underwear is an important manifestation of each other’s trust and sensitive relationship.

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