Wife wears a fun underwear to work map

Wife wears a fun underwear to work map

With the progress of society, people’s demand for underwear is no longer just to keep warm or support, but to pursue visual aesthetic and interesting satisfaction.Judging from some recent news reports and social media, women wearing sex underwear have become a trend.What should we think and understand this?

1. Sex underwear is not only sexual tools

First, some people have doubts: Isn’t it just a sexual tool?In fact, it is not like a kind of art of wearing underwear, which can bring people visual enjoyment and joy.

2. The sexy underwear market is continuously expanding

In recent years, with the prosperity of interest culture, the sexy underwear market has continued to expand.And some bold and individual women began to try to wear sexy underwear in the workplace. Perhaps this is just one of the way they express personality and pursue beauty.

3. Careful consideration to wear sexy underwear

However, choosing to wear fun underwear in the workplace needs to be carefully considered.After all, in some occasions, we are not wearing our own clothes, but the clothes on behalf of the company or brand, and we should follow the professional dress specifications.In this case, it is obviously not appropriate to wear sexy underwear.

4. Different occupations have different dress requirements

Moreover, different occupations have different requirements for dressing.Women wearing backless or too sexy sexy underwear may not be suitable for some formal occasions, such as the financial industry and political conferences.

5. You can try to wear sexy underwear on specific occasions

However, not all the workplace needs to be so serious and cautious.In some relaxed, funny, or artistic properties, wearing sexy underwear can play a role in guiding a tension atmosphere, adding a vitality and interest.For example, some entertainment venues or performing arts companies.

6. Consider the feelings of others

In addition to occupational and occasional factors, other people’s feelings should also be taken into account.Some people may have prejudice or resentment about sexy underwear.Therefore, women wearing sexy underwear should not be imposed on others, and they should respect the opinions and feelings of others.

7. Dressing should conform to morality and social ethics

Dressing is not just a personal choice, it also represents your social environment and cultural background.Therefore, when we choose to wear sexy underwear, we should consider more morality and social ethics.

8. Guide fun culture and move healthy

In the end, we should also see that sexy underwear can guide sex culture to be healthier, mature, and diverse.We can appropriately express personality and pursue beauty, but we should not break through the bottom line of society and affect the safety and ethics of others.


In a specific occasion, wearing a sexy underwear may play a role in guiding the tension atmosphere, adding a vitality and interest.However, we also need to consider occupations, occasions, our own feelings, and others’ feelings.We should pay more attention to morality and social ethics, and guide sex culture to be healthier, mature, and diverse.

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