Why is there no physical store in sex underwear


With the improvement of sexual openness in society, interesting underwear has attracted more and more attention from the public.However, many people will find that the sales of sexy underwear in physical stores are very rare.This triggers a question. Why is there no physical store in sex underwear?

Special nature of sexy underwear

First of all, sexy underwear has a certain special nature, which is different from ordinary underwear.The special nature of sexy underwear determines that it is a costume involving personal privacy and sexual preferences, which is not conducive to display in public.This has led to the lack of sexy underwear physical stores.

Restrictions on market demand

Secondly, the market demand of sexy underwear has also caused certain restrictions on the number of physical stores.Compared with ordinary underwear, the demand for sex underwear is relatively small, and most of them are concentrated in specific people, which also limits the number of sexy underwear stores and their living space.

Brand and sales strategy

Furthermore, sexy underwear brands and sales strategies also challenge the number of physical stores.The brand diversification of sexy underwear is high, and some brands are very niche. Only under specific circumstances can it be sold.In addition, the sales strategy of sexy underwear is relatively special, usually in online sales as the main way to make the behavior of buying sexy underwear more private.

Restrictions on laws and regulations

Another reason is that sex lingerie involves the limitations of some laws and regulations, which is one of the reasons why the number of physical stores is not large.In some countries or regions, sex products are reviewed and restricted.For example, in some countries and regions, selling sexy underwear requires special licenses or requires very strict laws and regulations.These factors have restricted the expansion of sexy underwear physical stores.

Advantages of online sales

Although the number of sexy underwear stores is small, the channels for sales on the sex underwear line are very wide, which can provide consumers with convenient and efficient shopping experience.Online sales have many advantages such as many types of products, excellent prices, and good after -sales service, and are also more convenient for protecting personal privacy. Therefore, they have been loved by customers.

The disadvantages of online sales

However, there are also adverse factors on online sales.Due to the special nature of sexy underwear and the customer’s requirements for quality, consumers have low trust in buying sexy underwear online, and they are more worried about size, quality and color issues.Moreover, the product information that consumers can contact are far apart from the real thing, and they are easily blinded by product photos.

Insufficient industry standards

The standardization of the sexy underwear industry is also a big bottleneck in the physical underwear physical store.Because of the special nature of underwear, there is no uniform, detailed, and reliable product size and quality standard.This makes it difficult for customers to buy the sexy underwear they need in targetedly, and it also makes it difficult for the business of sexy underwear physical stores.

Increase consumer acceptance

With the progress of society and the improvement of people’s openness, more and more consumers have begun to accept the existence of sexual supplies.Therefore, there are more opportunities to enter the public’s vision, and the number of traditional physical stores may gradually increase in the future.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is not as common as ordinary underwear, so there are certain difficulties in physical store sales and factors different from other products.However, the sexy underwear industry has its unique charm. With the progress of society and the increase in people’s openness, the market demand for sex underwear will become higher and higher, and the number of sexy underwear physical stores is expected to increase.

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