Why is there a circle in sex underwear

Why is there a circle in sex underwear

When buying sexy underwear, you may notice that there is a circle at the top and bottom of the underwear, which is a common design.But do you know what the purpose of this circle is?Next, let’s explore this issue together.

1. Reduce swing

The original purpose of this circle in design is to reduce the swing of underwear.Because many sexy underwear is smaller than ordinary underwear, it is easier to shake when wearing.By adding a tight circle to the bottom of the underwear, the underwear can fit the body more closely and reduce swing.

2. Beautify appearance

In addition to the above functions, this circle also has the role of beautifying appearance in the design of sexy underwear.This circle is usually made of material and color with the same or similar material, so it can play a decorative role that makes the entire underwear look more complete and exquisite.

3. Improve comfort

In some sexy underwear, this circle can also help improve the comfort of underwear.Specifically, this circle can play a certain reinforcement, making the underwear more tighter to the body, so that it will not produce long friction or stimulation during activity.

4. Match with other clothes

The role of the last circle is to match with other clothes.Generally, sexy underwear is relatively thin, so they need to match other clothes, such as bra, underwear, stockings, etc.This circle can help fix them together to avoid discomfort during exercise or activity.

in conclusion

In short, this circle in sexy underwear is a practical design that designers use to reduce swinging, beautifying appearance, improving comfort and matching with other clothes.It makes sexy underwear more closely fit the body, making women more confident and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.

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