Why do wives buy sexy underwear

Why do wives buy sexy underwear

As the degree of openness of sex becomes higher and higher, sexy underwear is one of the sexual supplies, and is loved by more and more people, especially women.This has also attracted the attention of many people: Why does his wife buy sexy underwear?Let’s discuss from several aspects.

Sexual life stimulus

First of all, sexy underwear is a means to increase sexual life stimuli, which can add some new elements to the bed.For husbands and wives, the topic of sex is not an easy -to -talk, especially some traditional women are more conservative in terms of sex.At this time, the appearance of sexy underwear injected new vitality into the sex life between the two.

The need for self -expression

Secondly, sexy underwear is more of a way for women to show themselves.In traditional impression, women need to pay attention to appearance dressing.In sex, choosing a beautiful sexy underwear can make women more confident and reflect their charming and sexy.At the same time, women will also find that after wearing a sexy underwear, it is different, which is also a need for self -expression.

Psychological satisfaction

The sexual stimulus and self -expression brought by sexy underwear also brings satisfaction to women psychologically.This satisfaction is not only in terms of sex, but also the improvement of self -esteem and self -confidence.Women can make themselves feel more self -worth and charm by choosing the right sexy underwear, thereby gaining satisfaction.

Health attention needs

In addition, some women also choose to buy sexy underwear for health concerns.Some erotic underwear are made of high -tech materials, which can effectively fight bacteria and prevent women from being infected with private parts.In addition, in the early prevention and treatment of some gynecological diseases, the use of sexy underwear also has a certain help effect.

Self -comfortable needs

There are also some women who choose sexy underwear for their own comfort needs.The traditional design of underwear is usually to make women present better, while sexy underwear pays more attention to the comfort of sleep, can better adapt to sleeping positions, and make women sleep more. This is very important.

The way to increase interest

For husbands and wives, sexy underwear can also become a way to increase interest.Buying a sexy underwear may be for yourself, but please do not ignore the impact on others (your partner).A sexy sexy underwear will make the other party feel different, increase the excitement of the other party, and make the sex life full of fun.

Social needs consideration

In addition to enjoying the fun brought by sex in family life, some social activities will also prompt women to buy sexy underwear.Meetings and parties are usually a place for people to communicate with each other, with sexy underwear to better appear in front of everyone.

Effect of product efficacy

In terms of market, sexy underwear manufacturers spend a lot of thoughts to design styles, making sexy underwear more in line with women’s aesthetics and needs.These deliberate product designs also guide women to buy sexy underwear.Different products are designed according to the needs of different people and are constantly updated, so that consumers can always choose their favorite products.

Section of Gift Gifts

Finally, sexy underwear is also a very practical holiday gift.Women like to receive gifts to themselves, and men give exquisite sexy underwear not only show their emotions, but also increase the color of family life.

All in all, for women, sexy underwear is not only a product that improves the quality of sex and meets the needs of self -expression, but also a good product with healthy concern, social needs and holiday gifts.More importantly, the use of sexy underwear not only adds some new elements, but also strengthens the communication and feelings between husband and wife, and has already become a part of modern life.

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