Why do men buy more in sex underwear?

Introduction: Are men really buying sexy underwear than women?

Interesting underwear has taken women as the main consumer group since its birth. However, to this day, more and more men have begun to buy sexy underwear.Many people think that the number of men’s purchase of sexy underwear is already greater than women, but is this true?This issue will be discussed from multiple aspects.

Male preference: sexy style

Men have a soft spot for sexy sexy lingerie.In comparison, women pay more attention to comfort and suitable for themselves, while men prefer more exposed and sexy styles.This also leads to a relatively large number of men’s purchase of sexy underwear.

Gender Wage Gap: Women’s consumption level is limited

In most countries, women’s wages are often lower than men, which also leads to relatively weak purchasing ability.Therefore, in the field of fun underwear consumption, men are more likely to become high consumer groups.

Single men: Finding love and sexual blessing

For single men, sexy underwear is more a means to find love and sexual blessing.In fact, many single men will find corresponding services and experiences after buying sexy underwear, so as to gain a more exciting sexual life experience.

Marriage male: Increase the fun of life life

Compared to single men, marriage men are more considering the fun of increasing interesting life when buying sexy underwear.For couples who have lived together for a long time, adding some stimulus and changing sexual life can help maintain a good marriage relationship.

Increase sexual happiness: improve self -confidence and self -esteem

The purchase of sexy underwear is not just to tease each other, but more importantly, to make yourself feel confident and self -esteem.Wearing sexy sexy underwear can increase men’s sexual happiness and life happiness.

Inject the vitality of spiritual and physical health

Men who buy sexy underwear will not only become more confident and charm in appearance, but also promote the health of physical and mental.Through the use of sexy underwear, men can release their inner enthusiasm and vitality, thereby improving physical health and enhancing immunity.

The change of the attitude of the male group on the sexy underwear

In the past, men’s attitude towards sexy underwear was often conservative and unfamiliar, but now this attitude is gradually changing.More and more men think that sexual blessing and enhancement of feelings are a new experience of life, and no longer regards sexy underwear as an extra, luxurious toy.

The rise of online shopping: convenient and fast

With the continuous development of technology and networks, online shopping is becoming a trend.On the Internet, men can easily and conveniently find their favorite sexy underwear and complete the purchase without going to the physical store in person.

Gender consumption differences: women spend more cautious money

Compared to men, women are more cautious when consumer, and consider more practical value and quality of items.Women are more inclined to not buy for more quality and expensive sexy underwear.

Conclusion: Men buying sexy underwear is more facts than women

Based on the above, we can draw a conclusion: the number of men buying sexy underwear is indeed greater than women.Different from women, men buying sexy underwear pay more attention to sexy styles, and there are also factors such as wages and single status.Although women’s consumption levels of sexy underwear are relatively low, many women have fun to add fun to their sexual life.

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