Who wears sex underwear looks good


Interest underwear is often regarded as a "sexy tool" of his wife or girlfriend, and is one of the ways many couples create a romantic atmosphere.However, some people think that only those with perfect figure can wear sex underwear, and the effects of others are unsatisfactory.Who is the best look at sex underwear?Let me analyze it for you:

People who wear sex underwear

The appropriate sexy lingerie style is suitable for all person -type people, not just those who emphasize the perfect figure.Whether it is a beautiful model, a mothers with flesh, or an ordinary woman walking on the street, you can wear sexy underwear to show confidence and sexy.

Suitable for underwear styles of different body types

For those women who want to try underwear, it is essential to understand how to choose underwear styles that are suitable for their own shape.Women with beautiful figures can show sexy and health well.Specifically:

Suitable for thin -body underwear

If you are the type that does not mean that there is no curve, you should choose elastic and filled underwear when wearing underwear.For example, there is a triangular underwear with a small lace lace, or a filled duck duck -like bra, which is very suitable for showing your curve.

Suitable underwear suitable for slim figures

If you are the kind of tall and slim, you can choose to wear some underwear such as lace jersey, slim and simple suspenders.In terms of color, you can choose some dark underwear, such as black.This can make your body more slender and sexy.

Suitable underwear suitable for plump figure

If you are a woman with a plump figure, you can choose the more elegant and more beautiful underwear style of lace, satin and other fabrics.You can try some thin -sensing lace bra, V -shaped lace lace pants, etc. These underwear can show a plump body beautiful curve.For heavy people, Sling Dress and other types of underwear are also a good choice.

Suitable for underwear with different chests

With age and physical development, women’s chest size may be different.Choosing the right underwear is essential to maintain the comfort and health of the chest.

If your chest is moderate, you can choose a T -shirt sleeve underwear, which can make your chest line more special.For women with large chests, you need to choose a load underwear or triangular underwear.In terms of lace and transparency, you can choose some simple colors and monochrome lines, so as to avoid excessive attention.

Color selection and matching

In addition to choosing underwear that is suitable for your own body, color selection and matching are also important.Different colors and matches can better show their sexy and personality.

In terms of color selection, it is more suitable for women with light skin tone to choose white, and for women with darker skin tone, black or dark underwear is more suitable.In terms of matching, you can choose some high heels, accessories and cosmetics that match underwear, which can better show your sexy and personality.

Overall impression

The effect of wearing sex underwear depends not only on the quality of the underwear itself, but also on the temperament and atmosphere of the people wearing underwear.Women in underwear need to be more confident and sexy, and also need to show their sexy through more details.In short, as long as you choose the right underwear and show your unique personality, wearing a sex lingerie is a wonderful thing.

in conclusion

In fact, who wears sexy underwear is very beautiful.Body is not the only way to show his sexy and charm.As long as you choose underwear that is suitable for your body and show your temperament and personality, you will be able to wear a different beauty.

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