Why do he like to send me sexy underwear

Why do he like to send me sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy, seductive underwear.Wearing them, women can show their most charming side, and can also evoke the desire and passion of men.But if your boyfriend or husband likes to send you sexy underwear, will you be surprised and curious?Well, let’s see why he likes to send you sexy underwear.

Express he likes your body

The first possibility is that your boyfriend likes to send you sexy underwear because he wants to express his love for your body in this way.Sexy sexy underwear can highlight the body curve of women and their sexy characteristics.So if your boyfriend is a man who is very concerned about your body, then he will want to see you look like a sexy underwear.

Want to surprise you and excitement

There is also a meaning to send love underwear is to surprise and excitement for you.This is a typical phenomenon.Interest underwear is usually unique and gorgeous in appearance. There are many different colors, materials and styles, and they are more challenging and exciting to wear.Men want to send you sex underwear to make you full of surprises from time to time, and to enhance your sexual life. At the same time, you can also increase your intimacy.

Enhance each other’s intimacy

Sending sex underwear can also enhance the intimacy between the two.Wearing sexy underwear on the one hand can make women exude sexy charm, on the other hand, it can also make men feel their great charm and attractiveness, thereby deepening their feelings.When a man sees his girlfriend in sexy sexy underwear, he feels very face, because it means that he has a sexy and charming girlfriend.

Stress relief and decompression

Men with tight life and stressful stress are more likely to send sexy underwear.Interest underwear can relax users and relieve the pressure of life. This method is probably a way to relieve emotions.Because wearing erotic underwear will bring a sexy and satisfaction, which makes your mood easier and comfortable.

Want to see what you wear up

Interest underwear is more special and unusual underwear. If he likes to send you sex underwear, you may just want to see what you look like.Men like to appreciate the curve of women’s figure, and like to challenge the mystery that cover under clothing.Everyone will have their own desires and ideas, which is a normal and natural manifestation.

Increase the fun and passion of sexual life

It is also important to send love underwear that can increase the fun and passion of sexual life.On the one hand, you can visually bring a strong visual impact on your boyfriend/husband visually. On the other hand, you can also use some sex toys to increase the sexual interest between the two.This can not only make a bland sex life more beautiful, interesting, and passionate, but also increase the happy time between the two.

Enhance sexual self -confidence

Another advantage of sending love underwear is to enhance women’s sexual confidence.As a woman, when wearing a sexy sexy underwear, women can feel fun and charm, and then enhance their self -confidence, which will also make the sex between the two more harmonious and sweet.

Fasting and increasing emotional interaction

Fasting and emotional interaction is very important for the relationship between the two.Sending love underwear can also increase the emotional activities and interactions between the two.Because sexy underwear can show different charm after putting it on, the interaction between the two is also easy to strengthen, increasing the feelings between each other.The more happy with each other, the feelings of the two will be stronger and deeper.

Because he loves you

In the end, he likes to send you sexy underwear because he loves you.In love and marriage, the communication, tenderness and trust between the two are very important.So, if your boyfriend/husband likes to send you sexy underwear, he may want to express love to you in this way.

Summarize Observation:

Why do men like to send sexy underwear?Regardless of the purpose of men to send sexy underwear, sending sex underwear can usually increase the emotional interaction, sexual interests and fun between the two.Putting on sex underwear can also increase women’s sexual confidence, better increase communication between the two and build trust between each other.Therefore, in love and marriage, sexy underwear can be emotional transmission and increase the harmony of husband and wife.

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