Who is the earliest sex underwear show

The earliest sexy underwear show

Sexy underwear, as a sexy underwear, has attracted much attention since its appearance.As a kind of clothing, it also needs to be displayed to people through various channels, one of which is the underwear show.So, who is the earliest sex underwear show?

The birth of French sex lingerie show

As we all know, France is the center of fashion and the birthplace of the sex lingerie show.In the 1960s, France began to appear underwear designers and brands.A large number of new design concepts and technologies have been introduced, including sexy underwear that shows more women’s body charm.This provides a prerequisite for the birth of the sex lingerie show.

French sex underwear designer

In the late 1970s, a group of French sex underwear designers began to rise, of which Pierre Cadault, Chantal Thomass and Christian Lacroix were the most famous.They are bold and innovative in the design of underwear, and they continue to launch a variety of high -level, fashionable, sexy and luxurious sexy underwear.

French sex lingerie brand

Driven by the designer, French sex lingerie brands such as Chantelle, Aubade, Lise Charmel, and Chantal Thomass have achieved great development.With the support of these sexy underwear brands, the sexy underwear show can also be held in France. Among them, the most famous of which is the Paris underwear show.

The rise of American sex lingerie show

In addition to France, the United States is also an active place for sex underwear shows.In the 1970s, Victoria’s Secret, the iconic lingerie brand of the United States.The sexy underwear it launched is loved by female consumers, and the sexy underwear show it organizes has become one of the most well -known underwear shows in the world.

The audience of sexy underwear show

Although the sexy lingerie show is mainly to show sexy underwear, its audience is not limited to women.Men also have a great interest in the sexy lingerie show, because the female charm of the sex underwear show is very attractive to men.Therefore, the sexy lingerie show has become a common cultural entertainment method for men and women.

Sexy lingerie show and commercial advertisement

Some people may regard the fun underwear show as a form of commercial advertising, but in fact their purpose is not exactly the same.The main purpose of the sexy lingerie show is to show the fashion, art and sexy of sexy underwear design, and guide the market trend, while commercial advertising is mainly to promote brand and sales products.

The impact of sexy underwear show on culture

The sexy lingerie show is not just a fashion, art and business activity, it also has a profound impact on culture.Whether in France, the United States or China, the organizational of the sexy lingerie show has brought new elements to local culture. Women express their self, release themselves, and pursue beauty and freedom.

The future of sexy lingerie show

With the exchanges and interaction of global culture, the fun underwear show will continue to usher in new development.It will not only show different underwear brands and design concepts more, but also reflect more cultural spirit such as diversified, tolerance, freedom and pursuit of self.It will become a global fashion and cultural phenomenon, leading us to a more spiritual and colorful era.


The course of sex underwear show is full of fashion, art, business and cultural elements.From France to today’s global scope, the sexy underwear show has become a new cultural phenomenon.I believe that in the future, it will continue to bring us more surprises and joy.

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