Which category of sexy underwear is released


In the market, sexy underwear is usually divided into different categories, such as beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc. The distinction between these categories makes it easier for consumers to find their favorite products, and alsoMake the sexy underwear industry more diversified.However, which category is the most suitable for publishing sex underwear?This article will focus on this topic.

Classification coefficient

When deciding which categories of sexy underwear to, we need to consider the classification coefficient of different types of purpose.The classification coefficient refers to the proportion of the number of goods under the class to all the number of products of the platform.Under normal circumstances, the competition of categories with lower classification coefficients will be smaller, but it also means that the sales volume is lower.

Target groups

Which category of sex underwear needs to consider the target group.For example, if the erotic underwear released is facing husband and wife, then adult erotic underwear may be more suitable.And if it is released for sexy beauty, beauty sexy underwear or European and American sexy underwear may be better.

product style

The product style of sexy underwear is also an important factor in which category to publish.For example, some styles are closer to European and American sexy underwear, while some are closer to adult erotic underwear.In order to achieve the best sales results, it is very important to publish categories that match the product style.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is also one of the factors that need to be considered.For example, if the symbol of the brand is sexy and naked, it may be more appropriate to publish sexy underwear.And if the brand image is more gentle and romantic, then the beauty of beauty may be better.

by law

Before publishing erotic underwear, we need to ensure compliance with various laws and regulations.For example, if the sexy underwear published is considered too exposed or indecent, it may be prohibited to some categories.

product material

The material of sexy underwear is also an important factor in the purpose of which category to release.For example, if the product is mainly made of transparent and sexy materials, sexy underwear may be more suitable categories.And if the product material is more high -quality and focuses on comfort, the beauty of the beauty may be better.

Price range

Which category of sex underwear is also considering the price range.For example, a higher price of sexy underwear is usually published in European and American sexy underwear and adult sex lingerie categories, and the moderate or lower sexy underwear is usually published in beautiful sexy underwear.

Competitive pressure

The last one considering the purpose of publishing sex underwear to the purpose of competition is the pressure of competition.Some categories may be occupied by a large number of sellers, which means that the target traffic and sales rate may be very low.Choosing a relatively small category of competition may be easier to achieve sales.


No matter which category you publish sex underwear, you need to conduct sufficient market research and understand your products.In this way, you can choose the most suitable category to achieve the best sales results.

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