Which brand of domestic sexy underwear

Which brand of domestic sexy underwear

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people have begun to pursue sexy underwear. However, there are many brands in the domestic market. The quality and price are uneven. Many people do not know how to choose.Which brand of sexy underwear in China is worth recommending?

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret has experienced years of development and has now become a global brand.Its sexy underwear is exquisite and bold, with high quality and fashion sense.All products are collected from all over the world and gathered fashion elements around the world.However, the price is high, suitable for people with a certain economic strength.

2. Miamiao baby on Taobao

The wonderful baby on Taobao is a well -known sexy underwear brand in China. The Taobao store sells millions of millions of monthly, and the front desk is also very good.Its products are rich in products, from sexy underwear to sex props.The price is relatively civilian than Victoria’s secret, and it is a more cost -effective sexy underwear brand.

3. The show on Baidu

The show on Baidu is a pure -style brand. Most of the product styles are relatively simple, and the price is not particularly expensive.Although its sexy underwear is not so sexy and bold, its style is suitable for people who like simple styles, and there are some more practical function underwear (such as adjusting the shape).

4. Underwear agent team

The underwear agent is a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand. Its product line covers all sexy underwear. The price is much cheaper than other international big names, and the quality is also very good.Especially the model designed for Asian women can better meet Asian women’s body types and aesthetics.Its production process is also very guaranteed, so it is a more recommended lingerie brand worth recommending.

5. Thinking

Siqu is a relatively new sexy underwear brand in China. The design is very bold, the product has a variety of products, and the price is relatively civilian.It is characterized by designing more avant -garde and bold elements, which can satisfy some people who like bold and sexy, but are not suitable for people who like simple style.

6. Love Dreamman

Dream lovers are one of the earliest sex lingerie brands in China, and they have adults.The brand design style is fresh and charming, suitable for showing the sexy charm of gentle birds.The product design is reasonable, the fabric is high -level, comfortable, soft, and the price is relatively affordable.

7. charming and moving

As a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand, its product line covers various types of sexy underwear, sex products, coquettish clothes.The charming and touching series of products is charming, sexy, super strong in color, and the price is more affordable.

8. Instence underwear garden

Interesting underwear garden is a relatively niche sexy underwear brand. At the beginning of its design, it focused on the needs of modern women’s pursuit of high -quality underwear.Leading with gorgeous sexy colors, it perfectly integrates fashion and advanced quality.Especially its high -grade lace material, the package type is very good, and it has a good decoration for the waist and abdomen.

9. Neon Xiangfang

Nishi Xiangfang is a well -known sexy underwear brand in China. The product has a very rich style. It has pure color models, sexy perspective models, advanced lace models, etc. The price is relatively close to the people, comfortable fabrics, suitable for all women.

10. Patdi Bear

Patdi Bear is a well -known brand in domestic sexy underwear. Its product design styles are diverse, and they are more suitable for clothing matching in and out of clothing.Compared with other brands, Patdi Bear’s underwear material is transparent, which can better wear and feel clean and summer.


These brands have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different levels, different aesthetics, and different needs.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to comprehensively consider your own actual situation and choose a brand product that meets your needs for purchase.

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