Where to put in sexy underwear to dry

How to dry the sexy underwear?

For women, sexy underwear is a very private item. The correct drying method can not only protect its quality, but also increase its service life.So, where should the sexy underwear be dried?Here are some tips to help you get better drying your sexy underwear.

Choose a breathable place to dry

Interest underwear is an item that is close to the surface of the human body. If there is no place with good breathability to dry, it is easy to keep bacteria retain and increase the risk of bacterial breeding.Therefore, choose a place where air circulates and dry enough sunlight. It is best to ensure that the air is dry and avoid drying in a humid environment.

Don’t directly expose the sexy underwear to the sun

Although it is important to choose a place full of sunshine, if the sexy underwear is directly exposed to the sun, the sun will cause the color and deformation of the underwear.Therefore, when you are sunny, you can choose a place with sufficient sunlight but no direct sunlight, such as indoor.

Avoid using dryers

There are many details of sexy underwear. They often use drying opportunities to damage and shrink, especially some underwear with lace, linen, silk, etc.Therefore, it is recommended to use air drying to dry the underwear.

Take the correct underwear care method

Adjust the wavy steel rings, flatten the long -strip plastic steel plate, and adjust the strap of the underwear to the most comfortable state.If you have difficulties at this step, you may wish to seek experienced sexy underwear experts to give you a better care plan to ensure the correct drying.

Dry to dry different materials of underwear

Different materials require different treatment methods. If you mix different materials of underwear to dry together, it may cause damage to the quality of the underwear.It is recommended to dry the sexy underwear with high hardness, such as sexy underwear containing steel rings; and sexy underwear with better toughness should not be hung for too long to avoid deformation.

Stack the underwear neatly

After drying the underwear, try to store it neatly as possible to store or wear. You can choose an elegant box or hood to avoid contamination by dust and corrosive pollutants.

Do not use laundry powder and bleaching water

For sexy underwear, it is best to use a soft type of laundry liquid. Sexuality and erotic lingerie are recommended to use special sexy underwear washing agents.Do not use bleach or bleach to avoid stimulating the material of the underwear and affect the comfort of wearing.

Share the nursing knowledge of sex underwear

The care of sexy underwear needs to pay attention to certain skills and methods. Share with the knowledge of female friends around them, allowing them to better protect their sexy underwear, ensure comfortable wear, and increase the service life of underwear.


The correct drying method can not only protect the sexy lingerie, but also extend the service life.Therefore, we need to carefully choose the appropriate and safe drying method according to the underwear material.At the same time, there are many details of the care of sex underwear. For women, it is necessary to master certain nursing skills.Only in this way can we better protect the charm of underwear and always maintain confidence.

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