Where is there a lot of sex underwear in China

Where is there a lot of sex underwear in China

Interesting underwear, a unique type of underwear, gradually occupy a certain market share in the Chinese market, becoming a manifestation of people’s pursuit of taste and personality.So, where is there a lot of sex underwear in China?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Big city

As we all know, as the economic and cultural center, large cities not only have high consumption level, but also open their aesthetic concepts.With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the sexy underwear market in large cities has developed rapidly.Especially in South China cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, they are one of the birthplaces of sexy underwear, and they are also one of the gathering places of sexy underwear.

Second, coastal areas

The coastal areas are one of the highest levels of opening up in China. Various imported goods and culture have been rapidly spread and promoted here.Especially in some well -known coastal tourist cities, the sexy underwear market has been rapidly expanded.For example, the market for the sex underwear market in Hainan Island, Xiamen, Qingdao and other places is very prosperous.

3. E -commerce platform

With the rapid popularization of the Internet, e -commerce platforms have increased in the Chinese economy.Taking Taobao as an example, many sexy underwear brands, shops and individual households have opened shops here, attracting many consumers.Not only that, some niche brands and creative brands also sell their products throughout the country through e -commerce platforms.

Fourth, fun restaurant

Interesting restaurants are a form of cultural catering in recent years. With the theme of erotic underwear, it integrates catering, entertainment, and performance, and is loved by young people.In this restaurant, the dress of sexy underwear as a waiter and performers has also become a special form of consumption.Especially in first -tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the number of interesting restaurants is large.

5. Nightclub

The nightclub is an important part of the nightlife of the city, and it is also a gathering place for some young people to pursue individuality and fashion.In this environment, sexy underwear has become a way for women to show themselves and attract attention.Therefore, sexy underwear has been widely used in the nightclub market.

Six, sex products store

Interesting underwear is a kind of sexy products, so the number of erotic underwear in sex shops is normal.Not only that, most of the location of sexual products stores is relatively remote, so most of the sexy underwear brands also choose to open a store here, which makes sexy underwear a better market share in the sex shop.

Seven, sex swimming pool

The sex swimming pool is a popular pool form in foreign countries. It is similar to sex restaurants. It is based on the theme of sexy underwear. The environment is fashionable and romantic.Although it is not popular in the Chinese market, it has begun to appear in some cities, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

8. Tourist destinations

China is a country with abundant tourism resources, and there are tourist destinations in various places.In some sexy underwear brands, choosing to open a shop in a tourist attraction can attract tourists from different places, and at the same time ensure the brand’s local sales.

Nine, sexy parties

Sexual parties are a form of cultural activities in recent years. It is based on the theme of sexy underwear and holds parties to attract the attention of the participants.In the Chinese market, there are not many sexual parties, but there will be similar cultural activities in the cultural and artistic living centers of some big cities.

Ten, self -media

With the rise of self -media such as Weibo and WeChat, more and more individuals and enterprises sell products through these platforms.Interest underwear is no exception. Some sexy lingerie brands open accounts through self -media platforms to sell.


Generally speaking, the market demand of sexy underwear is growing. Although it is still in its infancy in some local markets, the continuous innovation and development of various marketing methods will definitely bring more opportunities and development space to the sexy underwear market.

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