Where is the best selling underwear?


The sex underwear market is one of the high -growth fields in today’s fashion industry.Faced with fierce competition and the diversified needs of consumers, what channels should merchants choose to sell sexy underwear?This article will introduce where to sell sex underwear and explore the reasons.

Online platforms

The network platform is one of the most common sales channels for sex underwear.The sexy underwear on the famous e -commerce websites such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD.com is also very popular. These platforms provide shopping space across the country with high convenience and market coverage.

Physical Stores

Traditional physical stores are still important places for sex underwear sales.These shops are usually located in the prosperous commercial area or shopping malls, suitable for attracting consumer groups, especially those who tend to buy special products in physical stores.

Adult Specialty Stores

Adult products stores are a retail store that specializes in selling adult sex products and sexy underwear. This sales channel is more private than other channels, and has higher confidentiality and degree of invasion.

Brand Flagship Stores

Brand flagship stores are usually direct -operated stores. They provide consumers with various types of sexy underwear of various types and styles. Consumers can experience themselves in the fitting room in the store.The sales channel is suitable for those who have clear brand preferences.

Social Media Platforms

The rise of the social media platform provides a new way for the sales of sexy underwear.For example, Weibo, WeChat public account, Meipa, etc., merchants can establish their own marketing channels through these social media platforms, and expand the market with the effects of information dissemination between users.

Adult Exhibition

Adult exhibition is an important platform for promoting the communication between sexy underwear manufacturers and consumers.In these exhibitions, production and sellers can often listen to consumers’ voices, manufacture as market demand, and provide consumers with direct shopping channels.

Sales and Marketing Activities

Sales and marketing activities help merchants to increase sales of sexy underwear, such as promotion, full reduction, discounts and other activities can attract consumers’ attention.In addition, merchants can also choose to organize small conferences, send small gifts, and gift samples to attract and retain consumers.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Platforms

With the advancement of the “Belt and Road” initiative, cross -border e -commerce has become a new trend of sexy underwear sales.Overseas consumers have also shown a strong interest in Chinese brand’s sexy lingerie. Through cross -border e -commerce platforms, merchants can not only meet the diversified market demand, but also further expand overseas markets.


In summary, sexy underwear can be sold through various channels.When choosing a sales channel, merchants need to choose according to their own conditions and market needs, and push their products to the market in various ways.Different sales channels have their own advantages and characteristics, which determines that merchants need to make adaptability changes and fine management to improve sales efficiency.

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