Where can I buy sex jackets now

Where can I buy sex jackets now

When you want some more challenging and irritating intimate experiences, sexy underwear is a very good choice.Different erotic lingerie styles and materials can meet the various preferences and needs of your and your partner.However, many people may be confused and don’t know where to buy sexy underwear.This article will explore some places to buy interesting underwear.

Offline shopping

If you want to look at and try to wear sexy underwear in the store, offline shopping is a good choice.You can go to a nearby sex store, or the sex underwear counters of some large department stores.The advantage of shopping in the store is that you can try clothes in person, feel the materials, and get professional suggestions.In addition, the after -sales service after purchase is relatively complete.You can enjoy professional return and exchange services.

online shopping

As the Internet is becoming more and more popular, many people are more willing to shop online.Because the sexy underwear stores on the Internet are rich in types and the prices are more transparent.You can screen out the style, color, materials and size according to your preference.The benefits of online shopping are convenient, fast and privacy.You can buy at home or anywhere you like, and the delivery speed is relatively fast.

Sexy store

In addition to the sex specialty store, sexual goods stores are another good place to buy sexy underwear.They usually sell sexual health products, sex toys and sexy underwear, and there are many types.You can find more choices and suggestions there.Of course, to ensure that the store you choose is transparent, safe and legal.

Adult exhibition

If you want more experience and feelings, it is also a good choice to participate in some adult exhibitions.These exhibitions usually have many merchants, manufacturers, and brands to participate. They will show their products. You can see, touch and try out sex underwear, and communicate with sales staff.Of course, due to the relatively few supervision of the exhibition, you must also be cautious and alert.

Women’s underwear store

Although the main purpose of women’s underwear is to support breasts, there are also unique and sexy underwear for sexy underwear.If you are a woman, you can go to a female underwear store.Some brands have a special sexy underwear series, you can try it.In addition, because women’s underwear is mainly facing female consumers, the staff will be more familiar to fabrics and versions.

Adult products mall

Adult products malls are a kind of offline sales channel for adult products, and they usually provide a variety of sexy underwear.Similar to the interesting specialty store, there are independent stores and sales staff in the adult products mall.Although they are limited, there are often some very distinctive styles, so you can go and see.


If you don’t worry about shopping online, you can also consider buying sexy underwear on Taobao or JD.There are many sexy underwear sellers on Taobao and JD, showing the styles, colors and materials of sexy underwear clearly.You can screen the most suitable products according to your preferences and budgets.In addition, Taobao and JD also provide return and exchange services, you can rest assured to shop.

self made

If you want to try more personalized sexy underwear, you can also make it yourself.You can buy some sexy fabrics with your favorite style to sew.This may have some difficulties for those who are afraid of trouble, but if you like hand -made, this will be a very interesting attempt.


Sex underwear has become very popular in modern times, but not all stores are sold.We provide some places to buy erotic underwear. According to our own preferences and needs, we can choose a shopping location that suits them.Of course, no matter where you buy, you must pay attention to quality and safety.

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