Where can I sell sexy underwear in Japan

Where can I sell sexy underwear in Japan?

With the progress of society and the improvement of the level of opening up, more and more people are beginning to pursue the happiness of sexual life.As a representative of sexy underwear, sexy underwear is increasingly sought after and loved by women.However, for many people, it is a thing to buy a sexy underwear you like in Japan.This article will share where Japan can buy sexy underwear.

1. Specialty store

The specialty store is the best place to buy sexy underwear.These shops usually specialize in sexy underwear, and the clerks will provide professional opinions and suggestions.In the franchise store, not only the sexual underwear has diverse selection, but also the service quality is guaranteed.In Japan, there are many specialty stores, such as Shibuya, Ginza and Omotes.

2. Large shopping malls

Another way to buy sexy underwear is to buy in large shopping malls, because the sexy underwear brands in large shopping malls will be relatively more, and the quality and price are guaranteed.And when buying sexy underwear, the after -sales service of the mall is more complete.Large Japanese shopping malls are more famous in Ishidan and Takashima Department Store.

3. Online shop

The Internet has become one of the important ways for modern people to buy goods, and sexy underwear is no exception.In Japan, there are a lot of online shops buying sexy underwear.The benefits of buying sexy underwear include cheap, different brands and styles, and do not have to go out to shop.However, when buying, pay attention to the credibility and supply of online stores.

4. Japanese clothing brand store

Japan’s clothing industry is very developed and has many large clothing brands.These brand stores also sell some sexy underwear, such as UNIQLO, GU, Uniqlo, etc.

5. Sexual products franchise store

In addition to the general sexy underwear store, there are also some specialized stores in Japan, which specialize in selling sex products, which will have a variety of sexy underwear.However, these shops are generally located in adult areas, and customers are mostly adults.

6. Manufacturer direct selling store

Some manufacturers will open a specialty store in Japan to sell direct sales of factories. This situation generally occurs in the town.Buying fun underwear here may be cheaper than ordinary stores, but there are fewer styles.

7. Second -hand shop

Although sexy underwear is a very personal item, some people still sell their sexy underwear for second -hand clothing shops.Because the items of second -hand clothing are usually cheap, it is also a choice of buying sexy underwear.

8. Department Store

Of course, the sensory underwear in department stores is not as many as professional sexy underwear stores, but they are more common and cheaper.It should be noted that these underwear are more sexy rather than using sex games.

In summary, there are many ways to buy sexy underwear. You can choose according to your preferences and needs.However, it should be noted that the quality and services of each type of sales point are different, and you need to choose carefully when shopping.

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