Where can I buy sexy underwear suits in Huangpu


For modern people, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo, but a means of displaying and pursuing self -beauty.In Huangpu, many stores also sell various types of sexy underwear.This article will introduce in detail where to buy a sexy underwear suit.

Recommended business district

Huangpu has many business districts, but which is more convenient to choose a sexy underwear suit to choose a sexy underwear suit?Personally, I think that both Whaekite Commercial District and Vanke City Plaza can consider it.

X Huangpu Commercial District

The Wharving Whampoa commercial district is located in Huangpu. It is convenient for surrounding transportation. There are multiple subway lines.There are many underwear stores here, and there are not a few sexy underwear merchants. People who like to buy sexy underwear can choose to stroll around here.Many erotic underwear brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Aimer, Honey, etc. can be found here.

Vanke City Plaza Business District

Vanke City Plaza Business District is located in Huangpu New District, including Vanke Plaza and Vanke Yiyuan.There are multiple shopping malls in the business district, which can meet customers with different needs. Friendly discounts and activities are also the characteristics of here.Although sexy underwear merchants are slightly less than the West Huangpu business district, the Wecone brand is still recommended.

Store Introduction

In addition to the business district, you can also choose to buy it directly in the sexy underwear shop in Huangpu.Next, I will introduce several good reputation shops.


Aimer is one of the more well -known women’s underwear brands in China. Aimer Huangpu Overseas Chinese Town’s flagship store address is in the Rubik’s Cube Commercial Plaza. It is a shop that integrates underwear, home clothing, swimwear and other women.It is also more close to the people.


Honey belongs to Japan’s sexy underwear brand. With innovative design, the style of emphasis on beauty, and high -quality silk as the product characteristics, the product price is high.Honey Huangpu Xinhua City is known as Huangpu’s largest sexy underwear shop, which is loved by sexy underwear enthusiasts.

Lu Ye Show Lingerie

If you want some sexy and not excessive sexy underwear, then Lingerie Lingerie is a good choice. It pays more attention to fashionable designs and the price is more affordable.Lingerie Lingerie is located in Harbor City and is very easy to find.

Brand recommendation

Here are some very good brands in the field of sexy underwear.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a very well -known underwear brand in the United States, and it is also the favorite of many girls. Its sexy design and high -quality craftsmanship make it popular with women.Although there are not many brand stores in China, there are even branches in large cities, but through the official website, you can also buy your favorite style here.


Ravijour is a Japanese sex lingerie brand. It is a brand that is mainly Lingerie. It is very clear and it is easier to buy.Other underwear brands are not interesting to the "turning referee" and "love electrical image", which is very interesting, which is loved by the love underwear enthusiasts.


Huangpu has a lot of good shopping and shopping, and which business district, which brand, which stores, different people have different buying preferences. It is better to choose the sexy underwear suit that suits you best according to your preference.Here, what I want to emphasize is that sexy underwear should not be regarded as "taboos", and dare to try and show self -beauty.

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