When a female friend receives sexy underwear

When a female friend receives sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is one of the fashion that modern women are pursuing. In the sexy underwear market, all kinds of sexy clothes are dazzling.And when female friends receive sexy underwear, what will they feel and precautions?Let’s talk about it.

Choose the material that suits you

The most important thing for the first time wearing a sexy lingerie is to choose the material that suits you.Among all kinds of materials, lace, silk and cotton are the most commonly used materials.Breath, comfort, and softness are the first choice for most women, and for people who are easy to be allergic, choosing a cotton texture is the best choice.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose the material that suits you.

Small breasts suitable for underwear style

Small breasts are suitable for wearing thin sexy underwear, which will be more conducive to stretching their upper body curve.Compared with the big sexy underwear, for small breasts, the effect of the filling of the cup is not obvious, but it will look fake when wearing it.Therefore, choosing thinner sex underwear is the best choice for small breasts.

Underwear style suitable for big breasts

For big breasts, wearing sexy underwear requires special attention to the support and comfort of underwear.Good underwear should have a suitable size cup and loose and strong shoulder strap.At the same time, avoid too deep V, too narrow shoulder straps, and too loose "loose".The right underwear style can effectively improve the bloated condition and shape the perfect figure.

Pay attention to size and version problem

The size and version are the two issues that need special attention to the underwear stickers.Underwear with small size can cause tight and uncomfortable, affect comfort, and underwear with too large size does not have enough support and supporting effects, which is not conducive to the beautiful curve of the chest.And the problem of the version of the version, the sexy underwear version produced by different brands may be different, and the one that suits you through trying it on.


As women’s dressing matches more and more attention to details and highlights, the wearing of sexy underwear has also become a science.Generally speaking, you should pay attention to whether you wear sexy underwear whether you can wear the sexy, elegant and taste of sexy underwear.For example, V -neck wears tops with deep V underwear, which can better display the beauty of the chest and neck.


In terms of sexy underwear, fine details can be more quality and high -end.For example, the sewing, accessories, lace, diamonds and other details of clothing can reflect the exquisite and mature of sexy underwear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose to handle more fine products.

Pay attention to maintenance and cleanliness

As a very special underwear, sexy underwear needs special attention and cleaning.You need to wash your hands when washing the sexy underwear. Do not use the washing machine, otherwise it will damage its details or cover.In addition, the choice of detergent should follow the principle of similar to underwear materials, and do not use ordinary soap to clean it directly.


In short, you need to consider multiple problems when choosing sexy underwear, such as comfort, materials, size, style, matching, and cleaning maintenance.Each woman should choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to her body and characteristics, choose one that suits them that allows wearers to gain confidence and satisfaction in wearing, and interpret the charm of both inside and outside.

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