What to do without solution to sexy underwear

Sexy underwear does not need to be unlocked

As a form of sexy toys, sexy underwear has brought us a unique sense of sex.However, unlike traditional underwear, the production of sexy underwear is very special and requires some different maintenance precautions.Many people don’t know how to decide whether sexy underwear needs to be unlocked and what should I do?In this article, we will discuss how to use erotic underwear correctly so that you can enjoy the greatest fun while extending the life of the underwear.

Understand the nature of love underwear

As a kind of underwear for sex, sexy underwear is usually thinner and elastic to adapt to the figure of different people.The difference between these underwear and traditional underwear is that they are designed to wear in sexual behavior, and they usually need to be used with other sex props or sex toys to improve the degree of stimulus.

You can wear sexy underwear to participate in sex

Although our sexual experience in feelings and relationships may be different, we all have something in common -we all want to be more enthusiastic in sex.In addition, we also want to broaden our experience in order to better understand the relationship between ourselves, our partners and us.This is the benefit of using sexy underwear, because they can let you explore in the undulating world and find your own position in it.

No need to solve

In the process of sexual behavior, sexy underwear can be maintained as well, and you don’t need to unlock or change the state of your pants.Unlike traditional underwear, the fabrics and design used in sexy underwear can ensure that you do not feel any discomfort in any posture, and will not interfere with the interaction between you and your partner.

The correct maintenance of sexy underwear pants

The maintenance of sexy underwear is very critical.Because they are designed for sexual behavior, they need to be cleaned thoroughly after use.Using flexible soap and wash it is the best choice.In the process of rinse, make sure all wrinkles and corners are completely cleaned to avoid any bacteria or odor.

Try to reduce the washing machine washing machine

Although many people put clothes with sexy underwear into the washing machine, this is not a good idea.Because the fabric of sexy underwear is thin and elastic, washing machine washing may destroy the elasticity of the fabric or rubbed its surface.Hand washing is a better choice, which can ensure the elasticity, shape and appearance of sexy underwear.

Precautions for storing sex underwear

When storing sexy underwear, try to avoid stacking them directly or put them in the same bag with other hard objects.This will compress the underwear and cause the underwear to deform.It is recommended to hang underwear and make sure they are stored in ventilated and dry places.

Replace sexy underwear regularly

Just like ordinary underwear, sexy underwear needs to be replaced regularly.Different occasions, numbers, toys and uses will affect the use time of underwear.If they start to feel damaged, fade or lose elasticity, then it is time to replace underwear -this will ensure that you can always use the best underwear.

Buy a sexy underwear that suits you

Finally, it is important to buy sexy underwear that is suitable for you.Because sexy underwear is part of sex, you need to ensure that your underwear is suitable for your figure and matches your body properly.When shopping, we must consider the size, shape, design, fabric and matching toys of the underwear.


Sexy underwear is one of the key to sex experience, and it is also one of the ways we express love and sex.Use and maintaining underwear in correctly to ensure that you get the best experience and experience in each sexual experience.In addition, proper choice of underwear style, fabric and matching ability that suits you will make you reach a higher orgasm in sex.

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