What to do if you want to open a sexy underwear shop

What to do if you want to open a sexy underwear shop

For those who want to run a sexy underwear store, the first thing to consider is the choice of storefronts, purchase channels, in -store decoration, and promotion methods.Below we will discuss these issues one by one.

Select the store location

Choosing the store location is a very critical step.Generally speaking, sexy underwear shops should be elected in relatively prosperous or popular business districts.This can attract more customers and help increase the popularity of the store.At the same time, when choosing a store location, we must fully consider factors such as local rent and traffic.

Find the purchase channel

Finding purchase channels is the key to sex lingerie stores.You have to ensure that the purchase channels are reliable, rich in varieties, and reasonable prices.Under normal circumstances, you can consider purchasing in the sexual product wholesale market or online wholesaler.It is recommended to understand the market before purchasing, and purchase different varieties of products according to market demand, so as to meet different customer needs.

Shop decoration design

The decoration design of the sexy underwear store needs to pay attention to color matching and atmosphere creation.The creation of atmosphere must be generous and decent, which can reflect the display of sexy underwear, but not to make customers come to the store to feel uncomfortable.In decoration design, you can consider using comfortable and bright lights, soft music, and appropriate aroma to create the atmosphere in the store.

Shop purchase strategy

Regarding the purchase of sexy underwear, it can be achieved through three major channels.First of all, purchase through order, this method is suitable for large -scale sexy underwear shops.Secondly, the live broadcast or e -commerce platform is sold. This method can help sex underwear stores improve sales performance well.Third, choose to cooperate directly with manufacturers. This method can shorten the sex lingerie stores, reduce procurement costs, and increase sales performance.

Open a mall or online shop

If you have enough funds and resources, you can open a online mall or Taobao store to operate the sexy lingerie business.Demonstrate pictures, introduction, price, inventory, etc. through online channels, so that customers can choose and pay more conveniently.

Choose the appropriate inventory

The choice of inventory is an important issue that you need to consider in sexy underwear stores.For start -up sexy underwear stores, you need to choose a reasonable inventory according to factors such as market demand, sales capacity, and business capabilities.Generally speaking, the backlog rate of sexy underwear should be kept at about 20%.

Open an official website

You can also consider opening an official website so that you can help sex underwear stores to increase popularity, publicize brands, and sell online.When opening the official website, it is recommended to fully understand the relevant local laws and regulations, standardize the propaganda content, and avoid violations.

Promotion and advertising

Promoting and advertising are one of the ways to promote the sex underwear store.You can advertise on social platforms such as local websites and WeChat public accounts, or use discount promotions and full gifts to promote promotional activities.In addition, you can organize conventional sales activities, display meetings, etc., attracting more customers to the store.

Personnel training and management

Employees of sexy underwear stores need a good service attitude and professional knowledge.For start -ups, you need to pay attention to the training and management of employees to ensure the service level and professional ability of employees.


If you want to open a sexy underwear shop, the above content will be helpful to your store operation.In the process of business, we must always pay attention to market dynamics and adjust business strategies in a timely manner in order to better serve customers and create beautiful business value.

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