What to buy sexy sheets

What sexy underwear to buy?

Sex underwear is a must -have for sexy sex, but there are many types of markets and dazzling.If you don’t know how to buy, please continue to read, we will provide you with some useful purchase suggestions.

1. First, understand your own figure characteristics

Everyone’s body characteristics are different. Some people may have larger chests, and some may have plump hips.Before buying sexy underwear, you must first understand your body characteristics to choose the type of underwear that suits you.

2. Select different styles according to different occasions

When choosing sexy underwear, the occasion is also a very important factor.For example, if you want to attend a dinner, you can choose underwear more formal, and you can choose some black -oriented styles.If you want to surprise your other half on a special day, you can choose some more sexy and exposed styles.

3. Consider comfort when buying

Comfortability is one of the factors that must be considered when buying sexy underwear.For some good -quality sexy underwear, high -quality fabrics are usually made to ensure comfortable dressing.If you choose a tight underwear, you should ensure that it will not be too tight and affect the comfort.

4. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different materials

Sex underwear can be made with various materials, including silk, fish net cloth, lace, etc.Each material has its unique advantages and disadvantages. When buying sexy underwear, you should learn this knowledge and choose the material that suits you.

5. Try to choose brand underwear

When buying sexy underwear, try to choose some high -profile underwear.Because brand underwear is often produced by professional designers and factories, the quality and comfort are more guaranteed.Don’t be attracted by some cheap sexy underwear, because these underwear is often poor, which may affect your comfortable feeling.

6. Consider the effect of color on skin tone

Color is another factor that must be considered when choosing sexy underwear.If your skin tone is darker, you can choose some lighter underwear, and the darker underwear may make your skin tone dull.Similarly, if you are fair skin tone, you can choose some brilliant colors to highlight your skin tone.

7. Choose styles according to personal preference

When buying sexy underwear, the most important factor is personal preference.You should choose underwear that conforms to your style in order to better reflect your sexy.You can choose some translucent lace underwear, bowls decorated underwear, hollowed out underwear, etc.

8. Make sure the size is appropriate

It is important to ensure that the size of the sexy underwear you buy is suitable for you.If you choose a too small underwear, it will be difficult to put on it and easily cause discomfort.Conversely, if you choose a too large underwear, your curve will not be obvious and affect your sexuality.

9. Pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance

Interesting underwear is higher than ordinary underwear in terms of cleaning and maintenance.Using appropriate cleaner and treatment methods can extend the life of the underwear and maintain its comfort.

10. Quality is always more important than styles

Finally, we strongly recommend that you choose sexy underwear with internal quality and excellent quality.High -quality erotic underwear is strong, dressed and comfortable.There is no harm to your health, letting you wear it with peace of mind.

To sum up, you need to consider many factors to buy sexy underwear.Understanding your body characteristics, considering comfort and personal preferences, and choosing brand underwear are all factors that need to be considered when purchasing sexy underwear.In the end, we should choose sexy underwear with high quality, high comfort, and maintaining healthy.

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