What should I do if I wash sexy underwear at home

1. Washing method of sexy underwear

The first thing to understand is that different types of sexy underwear should be used to use different washing methods.For example, many erotic lingerie contains deformable materials such as lace, and you need to gently rub it with your hands and avoid using a washing machine.And some styles of sexy underwear can be washed directly in the washing machine, but you need to pay attention to the depth of the color and whether it is individually washed.

2. Precautions before washing

Before washing, you must first determine the type of detergent.It is best to choose a mild detergent to avoid damage to the materials and colors of sexy underwear.Secondly, we must first turn the underwear to the front, clean up the buckle, and avoid hooking other items or scratching the sexy underwear itself.

3. Steps to wash sexy underwear in hand

For erotic underwear that is easy to deform, it is best to use hand washing.Specific steps include: prepare warm water and detergent, soak the sexy lingerie in water, rub softly, clean it, remove the water and dry it with clean towels.

4. Precautions for washing machine washing

For particularly thick erotic underwear or fiber material, you can consider using washing machines.However, before washing, pay attention to handling all the details, collect the elastic band, buckle and other scattered parts. If necessary, you can also use a laundering bag.

5. Laundry method of color classification

Generally speaking, light -colored sexy underwear and dark sexy underwear need to be washed separately.The color of dark sex underwear is easy to fade, so it is best to choose neutral detergent, warm water or cold water without washing with other colors of clothing.

6. Remove the residue

Some erotic underwear materials make them easier to adsorb residual stains.Therefore, you need to use some additional products, such as lemon juice or white vinegar to remove some difficult stains.

7. Drying of sexy underwear

It is best to let the sexy underwear dry naturally. You can use a towel to lightly press the moisture on the sexy underwear, but you need to avoid direct sunlight or use the dryer to dry, so as not to deform, damage or shrink the erotic underwear.If necessary, you can hang it directly, but do not use a hanger to avoid pulling the tight band and other components.

8. Refrigerator storage method

If you feel that there is a odor or a large air humidity in the drawer or cabinet where the sexy underwear is placed, you can choose to put the sexy underwear in the refrigerator.However, you need to put the sexy underwear in a sealed bag before storage to avoid frosting or squeezing deformation with other items during storage.

9. The habit of changing underwear every day

Finally, remind you to develop a good habit of changing underwear every day.Different underwear has different effects on chest health. If the same sexy underwear is always used, it will affect the ability and breathing of the breast absorption of harmful substances.

10. Viewpoint

In short, it is necessary to be cautious to wash sexy underwear, and fully understand the internal structure and material of the affection underwear.Choosing a suitable washing method can extend the life of sexy underwear and maintain its color and shape.After washing, it is best to put the sexy underwear in a cool and dry place.

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