What sexy underwear to buy by husband and wife

What sexy underwear to buy by husband and wife

If you are considering buying sexy underwear to enhance the sexual life between husband and wife, but do not know which sexy underwear to buy, then this article will provide you with some references to help you make wise decisions.

1. Understand the taste of you and your partner

It is important to understand the taste of you and your partner before choosing a sexy underwear.Some people like to decorate slightly, and some people want to see more skin.Therefore, you must understand the preferences of you and your partner before choosing a fun underwear.

2. Details are the key points

The charm of sexy underwear lies in its design details.Small details can change the feelings of the entire erotic underwear, so you must consider small details when choosing sexy underwear, such as lace, lace, butterfly knot and so on on the clothes.

3. Select the right size

It is important to ensure that you buy the right size.A piece of sexy underwear that is too large or too small may restrict your sexual life.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, be sure to measure your body size and check the product size table.

4. Consider comfort

Sexual feelings may be exciting, but be sure to ensure comfortable wear, otherwise it will weaken the attractiveness of sexy underwear.Choose sexy underwear based on soft materials to ensure comfort and comfort.

5. Sexy jumpsuit

Supreme trousers can bring a lot of fun to couples.It can play a role in self -cultivation and enhance body lines, and also creates a feeling of shared dress for husband and wife.And choose the right style and size, sexy jumpsuits can better display personal charm and enhance gender attractiveness.

6. Corset and underwear

For those who want to maintain tradition and dress comfortably, choosing a set of sexy corsets and underwear is a safe choice.This is a classic sexy underwear that can meet the needs of many people.For those who want to enhance sexuality, the corset and panties can also be matched side by side to increase the tacit understanding between husband and wife.

7. Leather underwear

If you want to explore more operability, leather clothing is a good choice.It brings more visual and tactile stimuli to the husband and wife, which is very suitable for those who want to try new experience.Of course, when choosing leather sex underwear, the dress should correspond to the body.

8. Selective robes

Sexy robes are not only full of temptation, but also very practical.They can easily put on or take off in sex to increase the expectation between husband and wife.Choosing transparent materials and stroking a particularly soft sex robe will bring more surprises to you and your partner.

9. Lace erotic underwear

Lace is a classic sexy lingerie material that can create a romantic and charming atmosphere for husband and wife.Their streamlined design can also better highlight body lines and curves.

10. Finally please remember

When buying sexy underwear, remember the following points: understand the tastes of you and your partner, choose the details that suits you, choose the right size, consider comfort, choose comfortable materials, selectively sexy jumpsuit, consider traditional chest chestClothing and underwear, exploration leather practices, selective robes and shirts, choosing classic lace sexy underwear and so on.The final choice should be suitable for you and your partner, make you feel satisfied and comfortable, thereby improving your sexual quality of life.

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