What name does a sexy underwear shop take?

Brand positioning and target crowd

Before opening a sexy underwear store, we must first determine their brand positioning and target groups.Do you want to be a high -end market or for the public?Is your target crowd young or middle -aged?According to brand positioning and target people, choose a simple and attractive name.

Fresh and natural name

Interest underwear stores are generally related to sex and desire, but do not have to choose names with obvious hints.You can choose some fresh and natural names, which makes people feel soft and interesting.For example: petals, blue starry sky, etc.

Creative name

If your sexy underwear shop wants a unique style, you can consider some creative names.For example, using homophonic and abbreviated, it will impress.But pay attention, don’t be too weird or too joke.

Names related to the area

You can add the place name or certain characteristic elements in the area to the name, so as to give customers a stronger sense of belonging and geographical sense.For example, Shenzhen’s "Nanshan Sex Underwear Shop" or "China City Sex Lingerie Shop".

Wake up with color

Choose bright colors, which allows people to remember your name quickly.For example, yellow or orange can make people feel happy and warm.However, if you use bright colors, it may make people feel that the merchant is too enthusiastic.

Classic name

Sometimes the classic name is easier to keep people remember and trust you.Such as "Youlan Sex Lingerie Shop" or "Audrey Hepburn sexy underwear shop", such a name can make people feel elegant and elegant.

Use dual -style and polyphonic characters

The use of dual -style and polyphonic characters is also a common method to attract consumers.This type of name is interesting and humorous, such as "sorrowful sexy underwear shop", "sexy underwear hall" and so on.

The name contains a specific era element

Names can be added by adding some elements related to specific eras to resonate and memory of potential customers.If your sexy underwear shop is positioned, you can add elements popular in the 1980s and 1990s to the name, such as: red and white machine sexy underwear, retro sexy lingerie and so on.

The name should be simple and easy

A good name should be simple and easy to remember.For example, "Beautiful Wardrobe", "Candy Underwear" and so on.Such a name is easier to be remembered and searched.


Name for sexy underwear stores is not an easy task, but if you can determine brand positioning and target groups, and select a suitable name through the above methods, you will be able to make your stores in the fierce market competition in the fierce market competitionstand out.

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