What kind of fragrance of sexy lingerie is easy to use


When buying sexy underwear, we usually consider some details, such as materials, types, sizes, and color schemes, but many people often ignore one thing -what kind of fragrance we should choose?Because sexy underwear will absorb the surrounding odor during the washing and storage process, and we hope that the underwear will always be fresh, so the fragrant bag is very necessary.However, there are many types of fragrance on the market. How to choose?Next, I will share some experience and knowledge to help you solve this problem.

Fragrant material

The material of the fragrant bag usually affects the retention and release effect of fragrance.Therefore, it is important to choose the right material.

Cotton hemp: long -lasting aroma, can slowly release a fresh taste

Sponge material: can effectively absorb moisture, odor and mildew, but the fragrance time is shorter

Gauze material: good breathability, can quickly release fragrance, but the duration is shorter

Fragrant choice

The classic fragrance is not necessarily suitable for the preservation of sexy underwear.Choosing the right taste can better protect your items.

Faint plant fragrance: such as tea trees, lavender or rose fragrance, can remove the odor well

Natural stinky fragrance: such as bamboo charcoal, charcoal, lemon, oranges, and white tea, which can absorb odors and tide, and keep clothes dry

Fresh flower fragrance: such as roses, jasmine, cherry blossoms, and lily incense, making your sexy lingerie exudes a romantic atmosphere

The way of storage of fragrant bags

Good use of good buns is equally important.The correct way of storage can make the fragrance more lasting.

Don’t stick the fragrant bag directly on the underwear, so as not to leave traces

It should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, away from humidity and direct sunlight

The new fragrant bag needs to be stored in paper bags or bottles, which is convenient for maintaining the fragrance more lasting

Professional erotic underwear fragrant bag

For those who want to pursue more professional effects, they can also choose some specialty underwear buns. They are usually made of high -quality baking soda, bamboo charcoal and other materials, and have a strong ability to identify and remove odor.

Homemade sex lingerie bag

If you are a DIY enthusiast, try making your own sexy underwear.

Ingredients: It is best to use pure natural dried flowers, natural herbal materials, dried fruits or spices, etc., do not use artificial materials to avoid odor

Step: Put the selected materials in a bag with ventilation holes, and then seal it closely.

Note: It is better to keep it in a dry environment to maintain it

The replacement cycle of incense bag

Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of the fragrant bag should be determined according to the frequency and storage environment of the underwear.

Underwear used daily and often cleansed: incense bun replacement cycle is 2-3 months

Seasoning items or underwear that are not used frequently: The incense bun replacement cycle is 3-6 months

Underwear or underwear underwear in a wet environment: It is recommended to replace it once a week

The use place for sex underwear fragrant bags

Interest underwear fragrant bags are not only suitable for underwear, they can also be used in other environments.

Put in the wardrobe or drawer, remove the odor and moldy smell

Put in the car to remove pollutants and odors

Put it in shoes, sterilize and remove odor

Put it in a shower room or bathroom to absorb humidity and remove odor

Economic consideration

If you pay more economically, the following methods can help you deal with the fragrance of sexy underwear.

Buy a high -priced fragrant bag, and use longer use time

Use natural spices, such as orange peel, lemon juice or mint leaves, etc., can achieve the same effect

Use white vinegar, it can sterilize, deodorize and anti -inflammatory, spray in clothing

in conclusion

Choosing a sexy underwear bag that suits you can not only remove odor and tide, but also make your sexy lingerie exuding pleasant aroma, thereby improving the quality of life.I hope the above information will help you.

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