What is the sexy underwear in A cover

1. Know the A cup

First of all, we need to understand the definition of the A cup. The A cup refers to the difference between the bust and the lower bust. Generally, the chest size of less than 1 inch is accommodated.When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the use of a suitable cup size, otherwise it will affect the sexy effect.

2. Choose sexy underwear with shoulder pads

Because the A cup has a small chest, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with shoulder pads, which can effectively increase the fullness of the chest and increase the degree of sexy.You can choose the shoulder pads such as silicone, filling cotton.

3. Light V sex bras to create a sexy curve

The shallow V erotic bra is the gospel of women in A cup, because it can effectively lengthen the neck lines, highlight the jade back and collarbone, and create a sexy curve.At the same time, under the matching of the shoulder, it can increase the height of the chest, so that women in A cup can also have seductive sexy effects.

4. Cortical erotic underwear enhances texture

For women who like to challenge sexy limits, leather sexy underwear is a good choice.Cortic sexy underwear is often paired with dark tones such as red, black, etc., giving a sexy and warm feeling.At the same time, the leather material can also enhance the texture, which is even more difficult to resist.

5. Nets sexy underwear gives you transparent temptation

For women who do not want to be too exposed, you can choose a sexy underwear.The characteristics of the mesh can make the skin reveal, and at the same time retain some mystery, bringing a noble and sexy charm.The cute atmosphere of transparency with the A cup comes, it is more charming, which increases sexy.

6. Peacock erotic underwear is different from crowded

For women who want to be different, you can choose peacock sexy underwear.The peacock erotic underwear is often mainly played with wine red. The bright and strange colors and the peacock feather pattern give people a noble and seductive feeling.At the same time, it can also increase the thickness of the chest and make the overall effect more perfect.

7. Choose pure cotton sexy underwear comfortable and care

If you are allergic or too sensitive to wearing, it is recommended to choose cotton sexy underwear, and the comfortable and natural texture is better to care for the skin.The sexy underwear made of pure cotton can generally provide a soft and comfortable personal experience, which is more comfortable to wear.

8. Details Decisive sexy level

The details of the sexy underwear determine the degree of sexy, and for A cup women, the appropriate detail design is even more indispensable for sexy.In particular, the designs that need to pay attention to details include ribbon, hollow, lace, etc., showing different styles of sexy, making sexy in detail.

9. Color choice is more based on the right basis

When choosing a sexy underwear color, it is recommended to match the complexion, eyes and hair color, and then select the appropriate sexy underwear color.If you want sexy more significantly, it is recommended to choose dark sexy underwear such as red, black, so that you can make you more vividly sexy and attract attention.

10. Sexy is not only in sexy underwear, but also in your confidence

The last thing to remind is that sexy is not only in sexy underwear, but also in your confidence.Wearing a comfortable and confident appearance can make sexy more significant.Therefore, in addition to buying a suitable erotic underwear, you need to improve your sexy charm, so that A cup women can also become a sexy goddess.

in conclusion

In short, for women A cup, choosing the right sexy underwear is the key to sexy.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can not only enhance your self -confidence and beauty, but also increase the degree of sexy, making you a more attractive woman.

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