What fun underwear shows figure


There are many sexy lingerie styles, which are dazzling.But Xiaobian wants to remind you that the eyebrows are not just for sexy, but also consider whether it is suitable for its figure.Let’s discuss what kind of sexy lingerie can show a better figure!

1. Failure -type sexy underwear

If your armpits are thick, loose sexy underwear will definitely make you look bloated.At this time, it is recommended to choose a front -buckle sexy underwear to effectively avoid underarm fat, and at the same time improve the chest lines.

2. Gathering sexy underwear

If you want your chest to look fuller, then gathering sexy underwear is the best choice.It can effectively gather the chest to make the chest look fuller, and the interval between the chest will be smaller.

3. No steel circle of fun underwear

If you are accustomed to wearing sexy underwear at home and don’t like the sense of restraint, then the steel circle of sexy underwear is your best choice.The style -free style is comfortable and natural, and it can modify the chest shape well without having too much restraint. It is the best choice for home wearing.

4. Body -shaping sexy underwear

If you want to wear a sexy underwear, you can also tighten your hips and smooth your stomach, so the body -shaping sexy underwear is the best choice.It can effectively tighten the waist, belly, and hips to shape the perfect curve, so that you are more confident when wearing sexy underwear.

5. Step -type sexy underwear

If your chest is relatively small and you want to make your chest look fuller, then the pad -type sexy underwear is your best choice.It can effectively shape the plump curve to make you more confident and moving when wearing sexy underwear.

6. Underwear suit

If you want to look more coordinated, then the fun underwear suit is your best choice.Choose underwear suits, even if you only expose a little bit, the sexyness of the whole person has increased a lot, and the overall sense of length is more slender.

7. Long -sleeved erotic sheet

Winter is here, I want to wear sexy underwear, but I don’t want to feel too exposed. At this time, it is good to choose long -sleeved sexy underwear.The long -sleeved style not only has more choices, but also can effectively keep warm and give the body better.

8. Low -chest sexy underwear

If you want to cover the abdominal fat while you want to cover the abdominal fat, then low -chest sexy underwear will be your best choice.It can effectively shape the chest, and at the same time allow your fat to "hide" in your clothes.

9. Net yarn sexy underwear

The mesh sex lingerie is a market with its transparent fabric and exquisite embroidery.If you want to wear sexy underwear and don’t want to look too enchanting, then the sexy underwear must be the best choice.

10. Romantic lace sexy underwear

If you want to incorporate a romantic atmosphere on sexy underwear, then lace sexy underwear must be a choice you must not miss.Its lace design can effectively modify the chest curve, while also creating a romantic atmosphere.


The above is the relevant knowledge of what kind of sexy underwear compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make us more confident and beautiful when wearing, which is also what every woman expects.Let’s create a perfect sexy image for ourselves!

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