What do girls who wear sex underwear think

The reason why girls choose to wear fun underwear

Interest underwear is a popular underwear in recent years. Many girls are very interested in them.So why do girls choose to wear sexy underwear?

Sexy and self -confidence

Wearing erotic underwear makes girls feel sexy and confident.When girls wear sexy underwear, they will feel very special and confident.This feeling eliminates the tension and pressure of girls and allows them to show themselves freely.

Satisfy your desire

In addition to making you more confident, wearing a sexy underwear can also satisfy the inner desire of girls.Many girls hope that they can be more sexy, and wearing erotic underwear can satisfy this desire.In addition, wearing sexy underwear can also stimulate girls’ sexual desire, making them dare to try new sex toys and sexual skills.

Show personality and fashion

Wearing a sexy underwear can also let girls show their own personality and fashion, especially in the sexy stores, many styles and colors of sexy underwear appear.Girls can choose different styles and colors according to their preferences to create their own personality and fashion.

Change your image

Girls sometimes get tired of their own image, hoping that there is a way to make themselves reshape her body.Wearing a sexy underwear can achieve this effect, such as some underwear or Push-up underwear, which can make girls’ bodies firmer and make them look more exciting.

Enhance and the interests of the other half

Many girls want to be more interesting and exciting with the sex life with the other half.Wearing erotic underwear can increase the excitement of the other half and improve their interest.This is also a way of self -satisfaction for some girls.

Enjoy physical feeling

Sex underwear is usually made of soft and comfortable fabrics. Girls can enjoy the taste and texture that is different from ordinary underwear.This feeling brings physical enjoyment and relaxation to girls.

Collect sex underwear

There are some girls who wear sexy underwear to wear, but to collect them.The process is like collecting exquisite artworks.They are not only beautiful arts and costumes, but also help them stimulate their imagination.

Pursue a psychological sense

For some girls, wearing erotic underwear is a psychological sense of accomplishment.They can use their own styles and accessories to show their understanding of fashion and beauty.Some girls who can wear this style can feel the satisfaction of their psychological achievements.

Free trial and personalized services in the store

Sex underwear stores generally provide free trials, and clerks usually provide personalized services to introduce customers who are suitable for themselves.This makes many girls who are in contact with sexy underwear for the first time to understand the characteristics of this underwear and more confident.


In short, there are many reasons for girls to choose to wear sexy lingerie.Each girl also has her own different ideas and reasons.But in general, wearing erotic underwear will bring more confidence, sexy and artistic enjoyment to girls.

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