What devices do I need to do sex underwear

What devices do I need to do sex underwear

If you are a sexy underwear designer or producer, you need some special equipment to produce sexy, exquisite, high -quality, and sexy underwear suitable for various uses.In this article, we will discuss which equipment needs to be done for sex underwear.

1. Ordinary sewing machine

First of all, making fun underwear requires ordinary sewing machines. It is one of the most basic equipment.You need to ensure that your sewing machine can sewn various fabrics, including silk, polyester, nylon, cotton, elastic silk and other materials.

2. Ultrasound tailoring equipment

Ultrasound tailoring equipment allows you to cut more accurate tailoring lingerie fabrics.This device can use high -frequency shocks to cut, which is more accurate and efficient than traditional scissors or tailoring machines.

3. knitted machine

Knitting machines are one of the necessary equipment for producers of cotton or other elastic fabrics.This machine can produce various styles of underwear, such as underwear, suspenders, etc.

4. Weaving machine

The weaving machine is a device specifically used to weave fabrics.Some sexy underwear manufacturers will weave itself to ensure quality and innovation.

5. Automatic zipper

Some erotic underwear requires zipper, and automatic zipper can easily assemble zipper on the underwear.This machine can greatly increase production efficiency and quality.


Loching machine is a device specifically used to bundle underwear, which can make the strap of the underwear more well -proportioned.If you want to produce corset or other sexy underwear that need tightness, this machine is indispensable.

7. Iron and steam engines

Iron and steam engines are used to handle underwear fabrics, including flat and soft.These devices make the produced sexy underwear more neat and beautiful.

8. Laser cutting equipment

Laser cutting equipment is a high -precision device that can quickly obtain the required shapes and sizes, and you can switch the tool without having to switch on the cutting.

9. Adhesive machine

The bonding machine is a device that is used to stick different materials or parts together.This device plays an important role in making sexy underwear.

10. Computer embroidery machine

Computer embroidery machines can embroidery pattern and patterns, which can make sexy underwear more texture and visual impact.

in conclusion

In short, you need to do a beautiful, sexy and high -quality sexy underwear, you need some special equipment, including sewing machines, ultrasound cutting equipment, knitted machines, automatic zipper machines, tiers, iron and steam engines, laser cutting equipment, adhesive machines, adhesive machinesAnd computer embroidery machine.These devices can not only increase production efficiency, but also improve the quality and appearance of the product.

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