What are the words of new nouns of sexy underwear


The field of sexy underwear has been constantly developing and changing, and new vocabulary and concepts are constantly emerging.This article aims to explore new terms in the field of sexy underwear and let readers understand the recent changes and development.

Body Topology

In the sexy underwear industry, body topology is a relatively new concept. The basic principle of the concept is to design underwear based on the geometric shape and characteristics of the body to ensure the personality and comfort of the underwear.For example, this design concept will take into account the arc of the chest, the width of the shoulders, and the curve of the waist, and then formulate the design and production plan of the underwear accordingly.

Sustainable lingerie (Sustainable Lingerie)

Traditional sexy underwear production technology usually uses chemical fiber materials, which has a negative impact on the environment.Sustainable sexy underwear tries to use environmentally friendly materials, such as organic cotton and bamboo fiber, to provide consumers with a more environmentally friendly and healthier choice.At the same time, this new way of production also focuses on reducing waste and improving the recycling and utilization of materials.

Smart Lingerie

Smart underwear uses technologies such as sensors and mobile applications, allowing underwear to monitor the body’s data and provide functions such as regulating weather temperature.For example, in summer, underwear can reduce the body temperature and improve the comfort of the wearer.In winter, underwear can improve the body temperature to keep warm.

Seamless lingerie

The design of no marked underwear is based on the concept of eliminating any visible stitching from underwear.This novel design concept allows the underwear to seamlessly fit the body without producing any protrusions or traces, so that the wearer is more comfortable when wearing underwear.

Multipurpose Lingerie

The design concept of multifunctional underwear is to allow a underwear to be used in different occasions.This underwear may be suitable for a detachable shoulder strap or strap, or it can be transformed into a completely different appearance in a few seconds.This novel underwear can increase consumers’ willingness to buy, because each underwear can be used on different occasions.

Vacuum-Packed Lingerie

Vacuum packaging underwear is a new way of sales. This underwear packaging can ensure freshness through the form of vacuum sealing, keep underwear clean, tidy, save space while improving the user experience.Moreover, this sales method can also save transportation and storage costs.

Strapless Lingerie

For women who want to wear off -shoulder costumes but still want to wear underwear, this underwear makes it no longer a problem to support their own twin peaks.This underwear does not require a shoulder strap, and can only maintain the shape by the supporting rod on the body.It is comfortable and stylish, and can show beautiful shoulder lines.

Luxury Lingerie (Luxury Lingerie)

Noble lady underwear is a high -end sexy lingerie, usually made of valuable materials, such as silk and lace, and the design is also very exquisite, including complex embroidery and other decorations.The price of this underwear is relatively high, but their design and quality are indeed worth spending more money.

Stretch lingerie (Stretch Lingerie)

Elastic underwear has a top -level stretching performance, which can fully fit the body curve, so that the wearer feels unrestrained.With the needs of Shixing’s fitness exercise, bomb underwear has become a new fashion trend, because they can provide cool and lightweight personal coverage.


As a part of fashion underwear, its field has been continuously developing and changing.From physical topology to intelligent underwear, from sustainable underwear to noble underwear, we have seen many changes in the industry, and the emergence of these changes is to meet changing consumer needs.In the future, we can look forward to the emergence of more changes to meet the growing market demand.

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