What are the taboos of wearing sex underwear

What are the taboos of wearing sex underwear

When we are wearing sexy underwear and feeling sexy and confident, it is easy for us to ignore some details, which makes our dress feel bad.In order to avoid this situation, we need to understand some taboos of wearing erotic underwear to ensure that our wear feelings are comfortable and comfortable. The following will be introduced separately.

Reasonable selection of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, be sure to pay attention to whether the size is appropriate.If the underwear is too small, it will bring you a sense of discomfort, which may cause the exposure of the nipple and the overflow of fat on the back.In other words, if the sexy underwear is too small, it will make you look fatter than actually.

Similarly, if the sexy underwear is too large, or there is no suitable underwear buckle, the unsatisfactory support and shaping effect will be.Therefore, reasonable choice of sexy underwear is very important for wearing feelings.

Comfortable sexy underwear material

The choice of sexy underwear materials is also very important.Try to choose a soft, breathable and easy -to -clean material.This will ensure that sexy underwear does not cause skin allergies or discomfort in daily wear.

At the same time, some people may be allergic to irritating materials (such as non -woven fabrics or synthetic fibers), which also needs to be avoided in daily wear.

Avoid too tight

Although our original intention is to better shape the body, we must pay attention to avoid too tight sexy underwear.Excessive underwear may affect our blood circulation and cause physical discomfort.

In addition, if the sexy underwear you choose is too tight, this may also cause discomfort.Fun underwear should be able to stretch appropriately so that you can move and breathe freely.

Underwear mix and match

The matching of underwear is also very important.If you choose to wear sexy underwear, be careful not to match it with items with obvious brand logo.This is not only easy to match with popular clothing, but also better highlight the curve beauty of your body.

In addition, the color matching of underwear and clothes is also very important.If you choose the color of the underwear and the color of the clothes you wear, you may lose your sexy feeling.

Hygiene Situation

When wearing sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the hygiene of underwear.Try to wear clean erotic underwear.If it is daily, keep the underwear clean, avoid the underwear from being polluted by foreign matter, and replace the underwear regularly to prevent the underwear from being deformation and cause discomfort.

Choose the right sexy underwear style

When choosing a sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to whether the sexy underwear style is suitable for our body type.Everyone’s body type, chest, and leg shape are different, so not every sexy underwear is suitable for you.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your own body can better highlight your curve beauty.

Pay attention to the relationship between underwear and body

Pay attention to the relationship between underwear and your body when wearing sexy underwear.Try to choose a sexy underwear that can be surrounded by the chest or waist to avoid the embarrassing situation caused by the nipples from the underwear.In addition, in the back, some sexy underwear will also provide options to adjust shoulder straps to ensure that all underwear parts are suitable for your body.

Appropriate sexy underwear occasion

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider dressing.First of all, we need to choose sexy underwear suitable for different scenes to avoid wearing sexy underwear in places such as schools, churches, public places.And if you are on Valentine’s Day, sexy dating or sexy elite, you can consider selecting sexy sexy underwear to show your sexy charm.

Avoid wearing sex underwear for too long

Pay attention to dressing time in sexy underwear.If the underwear is wearing all day, it will cause you to feel discomfort.Therefore, in general, the time to be in sexy underwear should not exceed eight hours.Sex underwear should be worn reasonably to prevent skin irritation or inflammation.


In short, before choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to whether the size is suitable, whether the material is breathable, not too tight, pay attention to the matching of the underwear, the shape and occasion, maintain hygiene, choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body type, and so on.There are many taboos that need to be observed in sexy underwear. We need to understand these taboos and choose according to our actual situation to ensure that our dress feels comfortable and comfortable.

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