What are the sophistications of wearing sex underwear

What are the particularly particular about wearing a sexy underwear?

As an important category of sexy underwear, it has become a kind of adjustment of some couples, couples or daily life with its sexy, special design and materials.So, is it particular about wearing a sexy underwear?This article will analyze it from different angles.

Comfort is the first element

The most basic element of a sexy underwear is comfort, which is a very critical point.On the one hand, although sexy underwear is always visible, it can play the greatest charm under the dress of makeup, but it also needs high attention to the comfort of the body.Because in addition to short -term joy, it is more likely to have a long -term discomfort, which is really not good for physical health.

Color choice

Like ordinary underwear, the color of sexy underwear is also particular.First of all, you need to consider the matching of underwear and skin tone. White and beige are more suitable for white skin. Black or red is usually more suitable for people with darker skin tone or dark yellow.Secondly, it is necessary to consider the matching with outer clothing.Finally, you also need to consider specific occasions and your personality characteristics to choose more suitable colors.

Style choice

The style of sexy underwear is the most concerned issue for many people. After all, the more sexy, the better, but the different people’s understanding of "sexy" is also completely different.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to give priority to your body proportions and characteristics.For example, women with good chest shapes can focus on choosing underwear with light texture such as lace, tulle; and people with raised lower abdomen and wide hips should choose relatively high waist underwear and relatively large underwear.

Material selection

The material of sex underwear is usually sexy and beautiful, and many have special patterns and design styles such as dragon and phoenix, gold and silver color.However, as a daily clothing, the choice of materials is also very important.It is not advisable to be too complicated. It is best to select the underwear material with a high cost performance to make yourself feel comfortable. Do not pursue the gorgeousness of the external exterior.


The maintenance and maintenance of sexy underwear requires more special attention.Because of the design details and more delicate and complicated materials, you need to be more careful when cleaning.For the sexy underwear of some special materials, a more gentle cleaning method is required, such as hand washing or dry cleaning.In addition, when drying, try to use different ropes or clips as much as possible to avoid drag deformation of underwear.

Selection of the occasion

Interest underwear is usually used in the relationship between couples. If you want to wear it to the hall or social occasions, you may add some embarrassment.F formal occasions are usually not suitable for wearing sexy underwear. This kind of clothing is usually more suitable for use in private lovers. After all, this is a relatively private and special experience.

Choice of matching

The matching of sexy underwear can also reflect your fashion taste and sexy charm.For example, you can choose sexy socks and high heels to increase your body advantages and charm.In addition, you can also match accessories according to personal hobbies and overall shapes, such as earrings, necklaces, and so on.In the overall match, you need to give play to your own creativity and imagination, and you must not blindly pursue the formalization and monotonicity of matching.

Confident display

The wearing of sexy underwear was originally to show personal sexy and charm. Therefore, whether it is purchasing, purchasing or unexpectedly wearing, you need to give full play to your self -confidence and self -style.expect.At the same time, while showing your charm, you also need to remember to be considerate and respect the personal privacy and interests of yourself and others.

Finally, sexy underwear is not only an ordinary underwear, but also a product of special experience.You need to pay attention to more points when you wear, including some problems in maintenance and cleaning and wearing occasions.In short, everything needs to be done with your heart, and you need to know how to pay attention to wearing sexy underwear, so as to achieve balance between sexy and comfortable, and experience the dual sexy and charm of inside and outside.

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