What are the sexy jackets on flat -chest people

What are the sexy jackets on flat -chest people


For many flat -breasted women, wearing sexy underwear can make them feel more confident and sexy.However, it is not easy for them to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.This article will provide some advice and guidance for flat -breasted women when choosing sexy underwear.

Know your body

It is important to understand your body before choosing a sexy underwear.Women of flat chest can consider measuring their bust, shoulder width and back circumference to ensure that they buy appropriate sizes.

Choose a suitable style

Women with flat chest can choose some sexy underwear with lace or decorations, which can add some curves and volume to them.In addition, choosing bras with shoulder pads or clustering effects are also a good choice.

Avoid choosing too large breasts

Excessive bras will make the breasts of flat breasts look thinner, so they should avoid choosing too large bras.The correct bras and gathering effects can make their chest look fuller.

Consider choosing transparent styles

Transparent sexy underwear can increase women’s sexy and temptation, and it is especially applicable to women with flat chests.Wearing transparent sexy underwear can not only show their confidence and beautiful figure, but also add some full feeling visually.

Choose the right color

Color is also a very important aspect.Light -colored sexy underwear can make the chest look fuller, while dark sexy underwear can highlight the curve and beautiful lines of the figure.

Try to avoid choosing a flat bra

Although the flat bra is designed for flat -breasted women, wearing them may not be able to effectively make the figure sexy and beautiful.Therefore, flat -breasted women try to avoid using this cup when choosing underwear.

Choose the right fabric

The fabric is also a aspect that needs to be considered when choosing a sexy underwear.Some light and soft fabrics can better display the lines and curves of the figure, and have good breathability and comfort.

Avoid choosing too many decorative sexy underwear

The sexy underwear with too many decorative objects usually makes women look more bloated, which is even more unsuitable for flat -breasted women.Therefore, it is best to choose a simple and fresh sexy underwear to highlight the beautiful curve of the figure.

Reasonable clothing

Flat -up women can add some small clothes between underwear and coats, such as jackets, shirts, dresses, etc. to increase the three -dimensional and curved feel of the chest.This is also a very useful suggestion to choose a suitable lingerie.

in conclusion

In short, flat -breasted women can make their bodies sexy and beautiful with the right selection of sexy underwear that is suitable for you, with suitable clothing and correct dressing skills.I hope this article provides some suggestions and suggestions for the majority of flat -breasted women to help them better show their figure and charm.

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