Wearing sex lingerie exposure novels


For many women, wearing sexy underwear is a psychological satisfaction and confidence.Wearing sexy underwear can enhance women’s confidence and charm, and can stimulate their emotional and sexual desire.When women wear sexy underwear, they can rely on the design and texture of the underwear to highlight the beautiful curve of the body and make people irresistible.

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a special women’s underwear, focusing on showing the sexy and charm of women.They usually use irritating materials and design, such as silk, lace, transparent grids and decorative chains.From a slight luxury and sexy to extreme performance and absurdity, the style of sexy underwear and the choice of materials are very rich and diverse.

What are the benefits of wearing sex underwear?

There are many benefits to wearing erotic underwear. First of all, it can increase women’s self -confidence and sexual attractiveness, making them feel more sexy and confident.

Secondly, the main purpose of sexy underwear design is to maximize the curve and aesthetics of the female body.Wearing sexy underwear, women’s figure will look more charming and sexy.

In addition, sexy underwear can also cultivate women’s sexual desire and enhance emotional experience.Putting on sex underwear can stimulate the secretion of hormones such as dopamine in the body, thereby bringing unprecedented sex, love and happiness.

Types of sex underwear

Sex underwear can be classified in various ways such as color, material, design and function.Here are some of the main sexy underwear types:


Beam skirt

Bib short

Hollow underwear


Transparent sexy underwear


How to choose sexy underwear?

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, because different styles and design will be suitable for different people.

First, choose a size that suits you.A tight or loose sexy underwear can cause uncomfortable and ugly effects.

Secondly, choose suitable designs and materials according to the body curve and style needs.Some women are biased towards sweet and cute styles, while others prefer sexy and wild design.

Finally, select sexy underwear according to specific occasions.For example, a sexy underwear may not be suitable for wearing in the company, but you can wear it on a romantic date or bed.

Falling underwear wearing skills

There are also some skills to wear sexy underwear. These skills can better show women’s figure and beauty:

Put on the right size to avoid the embarrassment of inappropriate size.

Choose the style and occasion that suits you, don’t wear inappropriate sexy underwear.

Choose the color of transparent color and make people elusive when wearing it.

When taking photos, select scenes and light to better show the effect of underwear.

Sex underwear brand recommendation

There are many sexual erotic lingerie brands on the market. Here are several popular brands:

Victoria’s Secret

La Perla

Agent Provocateur

Calvin Klein


What should I pay attention to when wearing sex lingerie?

There are some matters that need attention to wearing sexy underwear:

Do not wear too sexy underwear to go to work or public places, it may attract unnecessary attention and comments.

It is necessary to clean and replace sex underwear in time so that it can maintain its beauty and sexy.

Don’t pursue sexy or irritating design, it is also important to maintain restraint and noble.

in conclusion

In short, women wearing sexy underwear can get many benefits, such as increasing self -confidence, enhancing sexy, enhancing emotional experience, and so on.Of course, you also need to pay attention to some issues when wearing sexy underwear to maintain appropriate, reasonable and decent.

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