Wearing a sexy underwear will hate yourself

Why do some people hate themselves in sexy underwear?

Sexual feelings are not new in the fashion circle.Whether it is Japanese cultural toys or delicate and exquisite European and American, the design and manufacturing of sexy underwear are becoming more and more mature.However, some people feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and even feel insufficient after wearing sexy underwear.Why does this happen?

Is sexy underwear replacement naked?

Some people use sexy underwear as a naked replacement.In other words, they want to wear sexy underwear to make them feel as sexy as naked.However, this is actually a wrong idea.Interest underwear and nude are two completely different things. The former is a sexy clothing, and the latter is a naked body.If you understand the sexy underwear as a naked replacement, it will make people feel bright but empty.

Interest underwear lack comfort?

For many people, wearing sexy underwear is not a comfortable thing.It can even be said that sexy underwear may bring some uncomfortable feelings.This is different from wearing conventional underwear. The conventional underwear is designed for comfort and protective organs, while sexy underwear is designed to show the body curve and sexy.Therefore, when wearing a sexy underwear, you may encounter uncomfortable problems.

Can we wear sexy underwear contradictory?

Some people may be contradictory after wearing sexy underwear.This contradiction is manifested in many aspects. For example, they think that sexy underwear is very sexy, but they are not sexy enough, or they feel embarrassed and uneasy.Because of lack of perception of their bodies and sexy, it will make them feel that they are not perfect, which will affect the dressing experience of sexy underwear.

Falling underwear deepen physical anxiety?

For some people, wearing erotic underwear may deepen physical anxiety.For example, they feel that they are not slender enough or their chests are not large enough. After wearing sexy underwear, the disadvantage parts may receive more attention and criticism.This may cause some psychological obstacles, cause anxiety, and affect physical and mental health.

Will wearing a sexy underwear make people inferior?

In addition to deepening physical anxiety, wearing sexy underwear may also make people inferior.After wearing a sexy underwear, people may start to tangle in appearance and external evaluation, which will produce an unhealthy inferiority.This sense of inferiority may cause some bad emotions, which will affect daily life.

Selection of sexy underwear is also important

The choice of erotic underwear is also an important factor that dislikes himself.Different figures and tastes require different sexy lingerie styles. If blindly follow the trend, it may make people feel unable to keep up with the trend, resulting in anxiety and inferiority.Therefore, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Correct way of wear

The correct way of dressing is also a problem that you need to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear.Interest underwear is the same as conventional underwear. It needs to be worn properly to reflect its beauty.If it is not well worn, it may make people feel unwilling or affect the sexy effect.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear that is suitable for your body to strengthen the quality of underwear, and wearing sexy underwear in accordance with the right way is very important.

Find your body and sexy

When wearing sexy underwear, we also need to face up to our body and sexy.Whether it is the weakness of the body or the advantages, it is our uniqueness.You must learn to appreciate your body and accept all your own, so as to truly feel the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear.


Wearing sex underwear is a very personal choice and expression.Although many people wear sexy underwear to bring sexy and relaxation to themselves and their partners, we also need to pay attention to physical and mental health and correct wearing methods.Interest underwear itself is not a problem, but our understanding and acceptance of ourselves and sexy.Only by grasping the correct attitude and method can we truly enjoy the beautiful experience that erotic underwear brings to us.

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