Wear sex underwear to the beach

Wear sex underwear to the beach

In the summer beach, in addition to showing his slim figure and beautiful skin tone, there is also a more private and exciting approach: wearing sexy underwear to the beach.In this article, I will share some suggestions and precautions about wearing fun underwear to the beach, as well as some techniques for choosing the best styles and materials.

Choose suitable materials

The first question to consider is the material.You need to choose some specific materials to go to the beach in sexy lingerie, such as the steel ring material that is not easy to deform, the waterproof fabric and the fast material.These materials will make you more comfortable to wear, and can also resist the damage of seawater and sunlight.

Choose the right style

What style to choose is also very important, not all sexy underwear is suitable for wearing on the beach.The balance between conservative and sexy is crucial. If this is ignored, it will become an embarrassing embarrassment.Generally speaking, Liu Su, ribbon and other suspension should be reduced as much as possible so that they will not be disturbed by the sea breeze and waves.

Choose the best color

Color is also an important consideration.Simple and bright colors or attractive stamps are good choices.If your body is full, light -colored and printing will be more conducive to concealing shortcomings.

Pay attention to accessories

Choosing appropriate accessories is also one of the key to success.Wearing sexy underwear on the beach needs to be paired with beach style necklaces, earrings and flower rings.Some lace, lace and velvet accessories are also very popular, but be careful not to match too many, too complicated decorations.

Choose the right shoes

Shoes are also an important part, and flat sandals and slippers are ideal choices.High -heeled shoes are not suitable for walking on the beach, which may cause loss of balance and fall.

Avoid being too exposed

Although to show your sexy side, when wearing a fun underwear to the beach, excessive exposure will become unpredictable.Wise choice to wear a little conservative, but can highlight the style of your body.

Pay attention to sun protection

Sun protection is a very important thing.Wearing underwear to the beach, you must apply sunscreen in time.Especially where underwear is in contact with the body, it is more likely to be sunburned.Good sunscreen can also protect the skin from the threat of skin aging and sunburn.

Reasonable layout time

It is also necessary to arrange the time properly and try to avoid the sun at the beach during the hot period of the scorching sun, which will cause damage to the material and color of the underwear.You can choose the morning and afternoon sunlight period, and wearing a sexy underwear to the beach to leave some deeper impression.


In summary, wearing a sexy underwear to the beach will indeed become a more private and exciting experience, but when choosing materials, styles, accessories and colors, you must be cautious to ensure that you can show your sexy charm without letting you let your own sexy charm, but you will not let you let you let your own sexy charm.People feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.It is an interesting experience to wear sex underwear, but it is necessary to make a wise choice in terms of safety and comfort.

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