Wear sex underwear l

Wear sex underwear l

Wearing sexy sexy underwear, women’s sexy and mysterious sense became more charming.Men will be more eager for women because of their inner excitement.So, while enjoying the visual feast of sexy underwear, how to better practice the sexual skills in it?This article will share some skills about wearing fun underwear B will be shared from the perspective of licking B.

1. Choose suitable sexy underwear

In practice, wearing different types of erotic underwear can be licking B.But some types of underwear are more suitable.Lace, lace, split design and hollow sexy underwear are a good choice. Of course, there are seductive transparent sitting pants, which can make you closer to your goal.

2. Deep breathing and relaxing mood

Don’t forget to take a deep breath before action, relax your body and mind, and let yourself enter the best state.The relaxed mood is easier to enter the pleasure and give a better experience for your partner.

3. Warm warm -up kiss

Licking B should not be a short act, but a slow process.Before starting, use the tongue and lips to kiss slowly, so that the two gradually warmed up in the kiss, and slowly became more fascinating.

4. Sweet whisper double experience

When licking B slowly, try to speak gently or tell your partner your mood in whisper, try to tell her "I love you", plus the kiss between the teeth, let the kissesThe partner feels sweet and lingering.

5. Lips and tongue

Use the lips and tongue in a timely manner to stimulate her profound pleasure and more irritating. The dance between lips and teeth, lips and tongue connections can make your partner deeply understand your gentleness and romance.

6. Use your nails to experience different pleasures

The use of fingers increases the difficulty and interest of caressing, which allows the woman to enjoy more pleasure, and at the same time find different feelings and stimuli, such as using nails to grab nails when licking B.Let her enjoy more.

7. Change the potential

Different positions and different postures can inspire different feelings in all parts of the body.For example, when sitting down, women’s breathing will become deeper and faster, while lying on the bed is easier to relax and enjoy the pleasure brought by licking B.

8. In the mirror

In human nature, we like to look at our own appearance. This is also one of the skills we can try to let the partner observe the expression when he licks B in front of the mirror and increase interest.

9. Instead of thinking

Licking B in sexy underwear B can also make men feel deeper.Make this lucky man fascinated by your tongue, saliva and caressing talent in the road of love underwear.

10. Don’t forget to match the atmosphere during caressing

Add some elements such as high heels, lipsticks, chewing gum, perfume, aromatherapy candles to increase the atmosphere and taste, and make love more diverse.

in conclusion:

Use fresh eyes to caress from different angles to make the road of love longer and better.Exploration along the other party’s preferences and caress preferences, there will be pleasant feedback for both parties.

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