Wear sex underwear buses

Wear sex underwear buses

In our daily life, people will choose a variety of wearing to express their own styles, and wearing erotic underwear is no exception.But what impacts and precautions will it bring when we wear sexy underwear to take a bus?Next, we will analyze and discuss this topic from several angles.

In terms of comfort

When wearing a sexy underwear to take a bus, we must consider the problem of comfort.Because sexy underwear is usually thin and soft, in order to avoid discomfort and wear, it is recommended to choose a seat when taking a bus instead of standing for a long time.In addition, when selecting sexy underwear, you must pay attention to whether the size is appropriate to avoid causing physical pain and discomfort.

On the occasion

Interest underwear is mostly used in private occasions, such as sex parties and intimate relationships, but we need to consider carefully in public.When taking a bus, wearing a transparent and explicit lingerie may cause discomfort and disgust of the surrounding passengers.Therefore, you must pay attention to the occasion when choosing to wear sexy underwear to avoid discomfort from other passengers.


Interest underwear is usually sexy, and the material is relatively thin.Therefore, wearing a sexy underwear in winter may feel cold and discomfort.At this time, it is recommended to use warm clothes such as jackets and down jackets to maintain the warmth and comfort of the body.

Aspect of security

Wearing sexy underwear in public, you need to pay attention to safety issues.Especially on crowded buses, it is easy to cause unnecessary friction and violations.At this time, it is recommended to choose some conservative sexy lingerie styles to protect personal privacy and security.

Aspect of the sense of restraint

Some erotic underwear has a sense of restraint and restraint. You need to pay special attention to wearing such underwear to take bus.Tucks, buttons and other decorations may catch surrounding items to exacerbate discomfort and wear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to avoid choosing too complicated styles to avoid affecting the body.

Personal hygiene

When wearing a sexy underwear to take a bus, it is recommended to pay attention to your own hygiene issues.After the underwear is in contact with the body, some bacteria and dirt will form.Therefore, it is recommended to carry wet paper towels with you, or choose to wear and easy to clean and maintain sexy underwear to maintain personal hygiene and health.

Psychological comfort

Wearing sexy underwear can increase personal self -confidence and sexual charm, making people feel happy and comfortable.When taking a bus, wearing a sexy underwear that suits you can adjust your mentality, relieve psychological pressure and fatigue, and help maintain a good mood and healthy mentality.

Cultural background

Sex underwear is a cultural symbol that represents a specific cultural background and fashion trend.When wearing a busy lingerie, you also need to consider the surrounding cultural background and social acceptance.Respecting the culture and living habits of others, and abiding by social moral norms is a healthy and positive attitude towards life.


In this fast -paced society, we need to find a way of life and personality that suits us.Wearing sexy underwear is a good way of expressing personality, but wearing in public needs to pay attention to the surrounding environment and social acceptance.Only by considering Zhouquan and cautiously can we reflect the beauty and charm of sexy underwear.

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