Wear photos of sexy underwear

Why is it important to wear photos of sexy underwear?

In today’s society, more and more women have begun to advocate sexy underwear because they can not only make their bodies more sexy, but also show their personal charm to the fullest.Photos of wearing sexy underwear can not only enhance self -confidence, but also greatly improve your charming index.Published on social networks to wear sexy underwear has become more and more women’s expressions and self -confidence.So, how to wear fun underwear and make photos more sexy?

Understand your body advantage

Understanding the advantages and deficiencies of your body is the basis of wearing a fun underwear.You need to know the characteristics of your body, and then choose the style that suits you to make your photos more brilliant.

The choice of style is very important

Cup and waist circumference are the main indicators to choose sexy lingerie styles.If your cup is relatively large, it is recommended to choose a bra -style sexy underwear, which can support your chest well and make your chest look more plump; if your cup is smaller, the chest sticker or bray style is more suitable for you.As for the waist circumference, if it is relatively thick, the style should be more loose, which can play a role of wrapping and tightening.

The combination of shirts and sexy underwear

If you want to match a sexy underwear on your clothes, choose color matching.Light -colored and thin clothes can be well matched with dark sexy underwear, and vice versa.Of course, the less the clothes you match, the better, so that the sexy underwear can be more conspicuous.

Give yourself a natural makeup

Don’t be too thick and gorgeous, just give yourself a natural makeup.Too thick makeup can completely move from the focus of sexy underwear to the face, so it is recommended to choose a light makeup to show the natural beauty.

Choose the right shooting angle

If you want to post sexy underwear photos on social media, it is important to choose the appropriate shooting angle.You can try to create some interesting angles so that people can see more elements.For example, take a backhand photo to show your sexy necklaces or bracelets. You can also take a pulsion photo to show the charming sexy back.

Give yourself a confident attitude

In addition to wearing and shooting angles, attitude is also very important.When you feel confident, the photos will be more natural.Therefore, do n’t forget to give yourself a confident attitude before wearing a photo of the sexy underwear.

Pay attention to light and background

When taking photos of sexy underwear, light and background are important.Avoid shooting in the dark, choose a relatively bright place to make your figure clearer.At the same time, the background must also choose the color and style of your sexy underwear well to make your photos more brilliant.

Choose the appropriate photo post -processing effect

Proper photos can also make your photos better.But remember to keep your own characteristic style, don’t be overly beautiful.It is recommended to use some simple post -processing, such as increasing color and brightness, increasing the halo effect, etc., so that the photo is warmer and charming.


You don’t need to be too complicated to wear a good underwear. As long as you master the above points, you can make your photos more beautiful.The most important thing is that you need to use your own attitude to show self -confidence and self -discipline, so as to make your photos more charming.

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