Was it before wearing sex underwear

Do you want to wash before wearing sex underwear?

As a person who loves sexy underwear, we must be clear that buying a good sexy underwear requires time and thought.However, after receiving the new underwear, will we think about whether to wash it and then wear it?This seems to be a very common problem.

Why do I need to wash underwear?

What do I need to wash underwear?In fact, the reason is very simple. In the process of production, transportation, and sales of underwear, it may be exposed to various bacteria, dust, adsorption of bad substances, etc. Usually we recommend that clothesThe occurrence of health issues.Especially for some people who are easy to cause allergic reactions, we must pay attention to ensuring cleanliness and hygiene before wearing underwear.

How many times do you need to wash?

For underwear, in general, new clothes need to be washed 1-2 times before you can wear it to ensure that the underwear is clean and hygienic.If it is cotton or natural fiber fabric, the water temperature you need will be relatively high, 40 degrees or even 60 degrees.

How to clean it before wearing underwear?

How do I need to clean it before wearing underwear?For underwear, you can choose a soft hand washing or using a washing machine to clean it. At the same time, the appropriate detergent should be used to avoid damage to the fabric.

What do you need to pay attention to when cleaning your underwear?

Pay attention to the following points when cleaning underwear:

Underwear with similar colors can be washed together

Wash the underwear over before washing, so as to avoid the sequins on the underwear or the decorative drop that affects the beauty of the underwear.

You can choose a low -temperature or medium temperature washing method to protect underwear

You can choose a soft agent to make the underwear softer and more skinny

Some noticeable places

In addition to the above -mentioned precautions, you also need to pay attention to the characteristics of the underwear material, and choose the method of washing appropriately to avoid damage of underwear material and reduce the service life.

How to maintain underwear?

In terms of underwear maintenance, in addition to timely cleaning, we can also take the following maintenance methods:

Replace underwear regularly, don’t let the underwear wear badly

Try to wash as much as possible to avoid using a washing machine to wash

Avoid exposure and hot roasting, so that the underwear is dry naturally

Underwear can be stored in small bags, reducing the chance of friction and damage

It is harmful to not clean underwear

In short, before putting on new underwear, you must ensure that you are clean and clean. Do not affect our health because of rush to wear.Underwear is very harmful without cleaning. In addition to illness caused by illness, it may also cause allergic reactions.Therefore, we must pay attention to hygiene so that the underwear is completely cleaned before wearing it to ensure health and safety.


Love yourself, start with underwear.The purchase, wear and maintenance of underwear need to be taken seriously, because it directly affects our health, and we should think more on the underwear, so that we can truly be healthy and beautiful.

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