Want to wear open files sexy underwear

Want to wear open files sexy underwear

If you want to add a sense of freshness and excitement, and make the monotonous in daily life become interesting, then choosing to wear sexy underwear is a good choice.Among them, the opening and fun underwear is even more eye -catching, not only because of its ingenious design, but also because of its profound temptation and full expression.

1. What is the sexy underwear?

The opening of the sexy underwear is designed in the crotch part, so that the wearer can easily perform various sexual activities without taking off the underwear.Generally speaking, it adopts low -waist design, pants loose legs wide, and stockings material, which makes people feel sexy and charming.

2. What are the places of fun underwear for opening files?

1. Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine’s Day is a good time to express love. Sending a stall sex underwear not only expresses the love of the other half, but also prepares for the joy of the night.

2. Party

If you want to attract more people’s attention at a party, putting on the open -stall sex underwear is an excellent choice.On a cool night, full of personalized underwear will make you the most dazzling figure in the party.

Third, the material of the sexy underwear

The material of the sexy underwear can be selected from various fabrics such as silk, lace, fish nets, and some underwear made of PU or PVC materials.The specific material selection needs to be selected according to your feelings and skin texture.

Fourth, the style of the sexy lingerie of the file

Open sex underwear is divided into a variety of styles such as suspenders, corset models, lace models, and bodies.Different styles have different applications and wear feelings, and need to make choices for their own needs.

Fifth, how to choose the right opening sexy underwear?

1. Choose according to your own body type.

Body characteristics such as flat chest, big breasts, hips, thick waist, etc. need to choose suitable underwear styles and sizes according to their own conditions.

2. Select according to personality and occasion.

People with more open personality can choose some explicit styles, while reserved people can choose sexy but conservative underwear.

6. How to match the sexy underwear?

The focus of opening the sexy underwear is the coordination of other clothing.For example, with a short jacket or long skirt, you can effectively cover the opening of the crotch, adding a sense of mystery and temptation.

Seven, open file sex underwear maintenance

1. Don’t wash it directly with your hands.

Most of the textured lingerie materials are silk, lace, etc. You need to use professional washing solution. It is best not to wash it with your hand. You should use a soft cleaning method.

2. Avoid drying and sunbathing.

The opening of the sexy underwear requires the maintenance method of avoiding sunlight and avoiding drying. Natural air drying should be selected.

8. Precautions for opening the sexy underwear

1. Pay attention to hygiene issues.

When wearing a sexy underwear, it requires auxiliary supplies such as sanitary napkins, and it needs to be replaced in time to ensure hygiene.

2. Don’t wear too tightly.

Fairy underwear must fit the body of the wearer, but do not wear too tightly to avoid affecting the activity.

9. Can I wear the sexy underwear for a long time?

Open sexy underwear is not suitable for long -term wear, and needs to be worn alternately with normal underwear to ensure comfort and hygiene.

10. Conclusion

Open sexy underwear can increase interest and stimuli, making life more interesting.Pay attention to the coordination with personal characteristics during the selection and wearing process, and also need to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning to better extend the service life of underwear.

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