Wang Yu pure interest underwear blood droplets

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which is usually used to enhance the experience of sex and sex.Their style and design are usually bolder and creative than traditional underwear, and even add some special elements to flirt or dedicate sexy.From simple lace, stockings to a full set of uniforms, there are many choices of sexy underwear.In so many choices, the "Blood Drops" series is known as one of the classics in the sex underwear industry.

"Blood Drops" series and Wang Yuchun

The "Blood Drops" series is a product launched by the internationally renowned sexy underwear brand Lapdance Lingerie. With its unique design style, it is loved by many sexy lingerie lovers.Wang Yuchun is a Chinese underwear model. With his amazing figure and sexy appearance, he has a high reputation in the industry.The Model was also the honorary title "Hyundable Blood Drop Surgever".

Blood Drop Design

The "Blood Drops" series of sexy underwear uses red as the main color. The overall design is very sexy, especially its important feature: blood drops.In the "Blood Drops" series, blood drops appear in different places, such as skirts, straps, chest, etc., blocking some parts of the body, and turning the mysterious reverie.At the same time, because red is the color of enthusiasm and romance, the design of this series is full of emotional and sexy characteristics.

Suitable occasion

The main points of the "Blood Drops" series are sexy and exposed, showing women’s self -confidence and sexy body curves, not to keep warm or comfortable.Therefore, it is suitable for sexy occasions, such as entertainment, gatherings, and party.Of course, if you and your lover have a romantic evening at home, you can also wear this underwear to flirt and enjoy it.

How to choose the right size

Choosing a suitable size of sex underwear is very important for comfort and appearance.For the "Blood Drops" series, you can refer to the brand’s size watch to measure bust, waist and hip circumference to ensure that the underwear you buy is appropriate.If you have any size or inquiry, please seek professional help.

How to wear blood drops underwear

Wearing "Blood Drops" series underwear requires some skills.Because this underwear style is usually relatively tight, so be careful when wearing.It is best to put your arm into the suspender first and slowly pull the body, and then adjust the "blood drip" position to cover the exposed place.Before wearing, you must pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of your own body.

How to maintain blood drops underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is more complicated than traditional underwear, because they usually need to wash and avoid excessive drying.For the "Blood Drops" series, it is best to wash with neutral soap and cold water and dry it in a cool place.Do not use bleach and dryer to clean, which will have a serious impact on the quality of underwear.

The history of the "Blood Drops" series

The birth of the "Blood Drops" series can be traced back to the United States. This is a product launched by the sex lingerie brand Lapdance Lingerie in the 1990s.At that time, the bold design style and sexy image quickly attracted the favor of global sexy underwear enthusiasts, and there are still high market evaluations.

Impact of Blood Drops

The "Blood Drops" series of sexy underwear not only has a significant impact on product image and brand reputation, but also the sexy underwear style it represents has also had a significant impact globally.It not only changed the standard of the sexy underwear industry, but also promoted more underwear brands to develop more personalized and sexy design concepts.


The "Blood Drops" series of sexy underwear is well received by global sexy underwear enthusiasts and brand reputation with its unique design.It has become a pioneer and leader of sexy underwear design with sexy, personalized and creative characteristics, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of the global sexy underwear industry.

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