Walking online in sexy underwear

Introduction: sexy underwear

For many people, wearing sexy underwear can make themselves more confident and sexy.However, not everyone can wear sexy underwear confidently in public.In this article, we will explore some skills and suggestions wearing sexy underwear online.

How to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

Everyone’s body shape and style are different, so it is important to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them.If you like sexy styles, you can try some perspective designs, such as perspective bras or lace embroidery.For more luxurious styles, you can choose sexy underwear inlaid with gemstones.Choose the style of your own sexy underwear, you can be more confident in wearing.

How to choose a suitable size of sexy underwear

It is also very important to choose the right sexy underwear size.If the size of the sexy underwear is too large or too small, it will affect your self -confidence, and it will also affect the breathability and health of the skin.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to choosing the perfect size to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident.

Choose a fabric that suits you

Choosing the right material is also an important factor in making you feel comfortable and confident about sexy underwear.You can choose a silky silk, or cotton sexy underwear with skin -friendly material. Such materials will be more breathable and comfortable, reduce skin allergies and even scratches.

Matching sexy coat

When we want to wear sexy underwear in public, don’t forget to match your coat.Some thin coats, such as long coats or windbreakers, can better highlight the beauty of sexy underwear, and also more suitable for wearing in public.

Choose a suitable color

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, you can choose some colors that are more suitable for you.For example, if your skin tone is lighter, you can choose some light -tone sexy underwear, such as light pink or light blue.If your skin tone is darker, you can choose some dark -tone sexy underwear, such as dark purple or dark red, which can better highlight your skin color.

Practice self -confidence and posture

When wearing sexy underwear, self -confidence and posture are equally important.You can improve your self -confidence by practicing self -confidence, such as standing straight or when walking.

Choose suitable shoes

Choosing suitable shoes can make you more confident in sexy underwear.You can choose high heels to make your body look tall, or choose comfortable flat shoes to ensure that you can walk freely.

Pay attention to occasions and atmosphere

Finally, be sure to pay attention to the occasion and atmosphere of sexy underwear.For some formal public occasions, it should not be too explicit or too sexy, but as much as possible with simple and elegant design, but if it is a situation where many people know each other in a closed private place, you can try naughty and sexy.design.Remember, when wearing sexy underwear, you must also pay attention to respecting yourself and others’ feelings, and show your charm on appropriate occasions.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear is a way to show your charm. By choosing elements such as style, color, fabric and posture that suits you, it also shows his confidence and personality while showing his sexy charm.Just remember to pay attention to the occasion and atmosphere and choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you can show your sexy temperament with confidence in public.

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